Chapter Five


I was the only one at home.

Well, save the two trouble incarnates that were shouting downstairs.

They weren't only shouting, they were screaming and it was like they were screaming in my head. I was sitted on my study desk but I couldn't even understand anything with the way their noise was seriously affecting me.

"I'm the super man and I'm going to show you my super powers today."

Taiwo shouted and then I heard Kenny shriek, then shuffles of feet. I banged my two hands on the desk, stood up and walked downstairs. My mouth dropped open as I stared at the sitting room. It was like a battle ground, chairs had been shifted back, table moved away from its original position, pillows on the floor. I don't even know where they got all the papers they littered on the floor from. I facepalmed myself as I sat down on the nearby chair.

Oluwa oo, where did these bundle of trouble come from?

It was as if I was even invisible because they continued the drama. They even almost tumbled on me.


I shouted, the intensity of my voice surprising even me. I never knew I could shout this much until the both of them happened.

They stopped right in front of me, laughter and mischief oozing from them.

"Oya, start picking the paper."

They kept looking at me as if I was saying nonsense.

"Are you guys deaf?"

I shouted and they recoiled before bursting into tears.

God! I l've always thought having younger siblings was total bliss but these ones were going to kill me.

"Oya, start picking the papers before I slap you."

They continued crying but they started picking the paper anyway. That was a first because they never obey me. I guess I should start shouting more at them.

I stood up and started rearranging the chairs and the table. In no minute, the sitting room was back to its normal look. They started scruing secretly  to their room when they were done but I saw them and I called them back.

"Oya, sit down there and I must not hear a word from you."

They obeyed me, much to my surprise and they sat down on the floor. I tuned the channel to Nicklodeon and they stated to whisper among themselves when the faces of teenage mutants came on.

"Shuush. I don't want hear pimm from you. Just watch the TV in silence or I'll turn it off."

They instantly kept quiet and I smiled. So, they could be this gentle.

We continued watching the TV in utter silence but I was thinking about the assignment I was yet to do. Maybe I should just bring it downstairs and do it here. I started to get up when I heard the sound of the the gate being opened and a car being driven in. The twins stood up and they were out of the sitting room before I could say pim.

"Mom, Moji hate us."

"Mom, Moji beat us."

"She did not allow us to..."

"She dislike us."

Mom heaved a sigh as she entered the living room with the twins holding on to her two legs. Dad entered immediately after them.

"Welcome Sir, Welcome Ma."

I greeted, my two knees touching the floor.

"Eku Ile oo and what did you do to my babies?"

I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Abi, what did you babies did to me? Mom, these kids wants to kill me. Infact, help me take them along with you next time."

She smiled as she sat down on the chair, the twins climbing up to sit beside her.

"The troubles you gave Uthman while growing up can't even be compared to this. You nearly killed him."

I pouted, not remember giving my brother trouble. Infact, I was a very gentle child.

Well, except that one time you almost lost it over a boy.

I smiled at that stupid memory. Geez. I couldn't even believe I actually did that at that time and that was the last time I used a personal cellphone. Dad did not go back on his words no matter how hard I beg. I missed almost all the whatsApp fights and discussions among my classmates.

"Moji, there's something at the back of the car, go and bring it for me."

"Okay sir."

The small gate was opened and the gateman was busy chatting rigorously with a corn seller. I shook my head as I opened the car's door and I took the packet at the back of the car. The nlyon has Slot label on it and even though I did not mean to, I peeped inside to see the case of a phone.

Could this be my phone?

My heart did a double flip at that thought. I was finally going to start using a phone?

I closed the door and started to walk gingerly to the main house but my eyes caught someone leaning against the fence of the house opposite ours. I traced my steps back and it was really Leke leaning against the fence of the house. He was talking animatedly to a girl and I raised my eyebrows, wondering what he was doing in our estate. Ibadan is a very big city and surely, he ccouldn't possibly be living here.

With that, I walked back to the sitting room. Dad wasn't there anymore, mom's head was thrown back over the chair and her eyes were closed.

"Mom, where is dad?"

"In his study. He doesn't want to be disturbed. And that's your phone by the way."

Oh My God! I was right! I was right! I was really right! I shrieked and jumped up, still not believing that I now have a phone. The twins soon joined me and soon enough, we were all jumping and shrieking.

Maybe mom was right, the twins definitely did take after me.



It was a free period and while we were supposed to be reading for our tests which starts the following week, the class was divided into threes and two and we were all talking loudly. Moji has been an absolute sweetheart since we started talking and I was starting to feel bad for ignoring her at first.

"So, if you have any questions, you can always ask me. I mean questions about the subjects. I'm good in virtually all subjects except Mathematics." She faked a shudder. "God! I hate that subject! I just can't understand it no matter how hard I try."

I tried to stifle my laughter because Moji was always funny and cute. Whether she was talking, walking, eating, frowning or doing absolutely nothing, she was always cute.

"That means you don't take after your brother at all."

I've heard stories of her brother. Everyone was always talking about him. Senior Uthman this, Senior Uthman that. Even though he graduated from school five years ago, his legacy still lives on. His records were basically unbeatable.

"In Mathematics, yes. They say it runs in the blood but I might as well be a bastard because I can't even like the subject not to talk of trying to understand it."

"I think that's the problem. You should try to like it, then understanding it would be so easy."

She raised her eyebrows.

"They say that every time but I really don't think it can work for me."

I chuckled again.

"I can help sha. I'm a straight A student and I'm pretty good at Mathematics. My best subject actually."

She turned to look at me fully, disbelief etched on her face.


I nodded. I knew why she found it hard to belief. I never talk in classes, never answered questions, never volunteered to and I've never being asked to. One of main reasons was that I wasn't interested in asking questions and the second reason was that, Peju was always the one answering and I wanted her to keep enjoying her queendom.

"Wow. Solve that question then."

She pointed to the unsolved Mathematics question on the board. Our teacher had given it to us as an assignment because nobody was able to solve it, not even Peju.

I opened my note to the place where I had solved the question and her mouth dropped open.

"Wow, you really did solve it. Bravo. My friend is a scholar oo."

I smiled to myself again.

"But why didn't you volunteer to solve it during the class? Ehn? This must be the correct answer."

She looked from the book to my face, her eyes questioning. I started to say something but I was cut off my the presence of someone towering above us. It was Peju and I immediately closed the notebook.

Even when there was absolutely no reason to do that.

She drew the vacant chair in front of my chair closer to me, a very huge and very insincere small on her face.

"Fola, and that's how you went AWOL on me since last week."

I smiled and muttered a quiet sorry.

"So you said you wanted to join the literary and debate club, abi?"

I did not remember telling her that. She was the one who basically imposed it on me. Since she's the president of the debate club, she'd make sure I enjoy it and all that.

"I expected you in the meeting last Friday but you did not show up."

"I was caught up with other things."

No, I wasn't. I was busy staring into empty spaces in one of the empty classrooms and I intend of spending every other last friday period like that but nobody has to know that.

"Okay, I'd be expecting you today then. You know where we hold our meetings, shey?"

I nodded and she stood up.

"See you later then."

"You shouldn't join the club if you don't want to jhare. That Peju girl is always imposing her own opinions on other people."

I actually like the club. That was my club in primary school. I've always loved being an orator but saying that out means I might have to climb a podium.

"How did you guys even become close in the first place?"

"She's a family friend. My parents told her to show me how things work in school since I've not being to one in years."

"Oh oh...."She muttered and trailed off, staring into an empty space.

"I don't really like her but she's a family friend so I guess I have to put up with her."

"Inikinni? The only thing you have to do is to put her in her place. She believes no one can have better grades than her and she never fail to point that out. I believe she should be afraid now."

I chuckled to myself again. Moji ehn.

But the prospect of receiving academic honors and badges was tempting.

And very terrifying.

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