Chapter 56

"I'm okay mom, why?" I chewed on my bottom lip and stared down at Oliver.

"Damon said you've been acting-"

"Damon called you?" I interrupted what she was saying with a scowl on my face.

"Yes, what's wrong baby?"

"Nothing." I answered dryly, while Oliver took a fistful of my hair and aimed for his mouth.

"Talk to me baby. Why so scared?" She coughed. "Why are you withdrawing yourself from everyone there?"

"Mom, I'm fine. You know I'm not the type that socializes." I removed my hair from Oliver's hand and thought about Damon. How could he tell my mother? Since when did he begin to contact her?

"Do you need to come home?"

"Mom, I'm fine." I snapped, obviously irritated. "I'm kind of busy. I'll call you later, bye." I hung up and rolled my eyes.

Damon was such a snitch. He didn't have to tell my mother, considering the fact th

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