Chapter 4


Pablo Neruda said, some day, somewhere, anywhere, unfailing, you'll find yourself and that, and only that can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life. 


I tried to wriggle my wrist out of his grip, but I couldn't. 

"What are you doing here sweet face?" He asked. 

Sweet face? 

"Number one, last time I checked, my name is Nicole and not sweet face." I finally snatched my hand from his grip. 

"Secondly, this is my house. I have the right to be anywhere." I spat and rubbed my wrist.

I hated it whenever some one called me names like sweet face or cutie, they suck and make me want to barf. 

He was mute, but raked my body with his eyes in this seductive way that was creeping me out. He rubbed his chin and licked his lips. He rose to his feet and it felt like I was standing beside a tower.

Damn! He was tall. 

Quickly, I scanned him from head to toe. He wore a black vest that showed all the right places and a blue boxers with pink flowers on it. I resisted the urge to look at his groin.

"Checking me out huh?" He smirked, making me to roll my eyes. 

"Wait, is that Pink?" I said between laughs, but not loud for my mum to hear. Wait, am I-am I laughing? 

His face flushed. 

He defended himself and wore his confident look back on. 

"Shh." he placed his index finger on my lips and I moved back, trying to hide me being nervous. I turned to find my way to the kitchen, he followed suit.

Suddenly, he slapped my ass, my big fat ass. Ok, that was a lie I ain't got no fat ass, they were just small like two oranges fused together. 

"What was that?" I asked with anger. "How dare you?" I questioned. 

He gave me a sly smile. "Nice ass you got there." He remarked making me to wear a disgusted face. 

"I'm just fourteen Mr Robert." 

"Call me rob." He smiled "There's no harm in playing, besides you are not a kid anymore."

What the- was he going nuts? 

I stood still in fear, but I tried to look confident. 

"Good night," I said fiercely and turned to walk away, but he asked for water, making me to squint my eyes. 

I placed the cup on the table and filled it up. I went face to chest when I swiftly turned to hand him his water and spilled some contents on his boxers. I distanced my self from him, feeling uncomfortable then I handed him his water. His Adams apple moved up and down with each gulp. 

He wiped his red lips with the back of his hand and took one foot forward, while I took one back. This continued until there was no place to move back to. 

My back was against the wall now and I was kind of scared. I wished I didn't come down for a glass of water. This was something I hated with myself. Whenever I was scared, I'd get temporarily paralysed.

"Wh-why are you here?" I stammered.  

"I fell asleep while watching the TV, when I woke up I switched it off and decided to stay here." His deep voice sent chills down my spine, this time there was only a little space between us. 

I looked up to his face and found his gray eyes piercing into mine. My eyes stared down at the floor nervously. 

"You know you are smart right?" He  placed his right hand against the wall close to my head. I tried to leave through the right hand side, but he trapped me by putting his left hand against the right side of the wall.

"Uhhuh." I nodded my head and felt my lips shaking. 

"Don't be scared," He spoke in a hushed tune, while using his index finger to trace lines on my lips.

I didn't know what to do. 

Kick his balls. Simple! 

He took a little part of my hair and smelt it, looking like a total psychopath. I closed my eyes and sucked in a sharp breath. 

"I don't find you weird, but I find you interesting." He said and closed the gap between us, making me feel so small. 

"Has anyone told you you're hot?" He asked with a wicked grin and rubbed his nose on my neck, sniffing my peach shower gel. He irritated every nerve in me.


I started crying like a baby as memories of the past slapped me in the face. He pulled away from me and asked what the problem was. 

"C'mon, do I look like a beast?" He asked. "Look, you are very beautiful and anyone that calls you weird is a bag of scum." He said, making me to feel a little bit at ease as he stepped away from me. "I'm sorry if I made you scared." 

Ok, I was in tears because I almost got deflowered when I was twelve and this was exactly how it started. I wouldn't go into details here, it makes me really sad. 

Mr Robert looked concerned now and he tried to comfort me. He apologized for making me uncomfortable and begged for us to make it our little secret. 

"It wouldn't happen again." He assured me and I nodded.

He made me tell him the reason I was crying and I did. I felt close to him. 

Wasn't this stupid? Because he was acting like a man whore a while ago and now I trusted him. 


I woke up facing my ceiling. Sitting up, I rubbed my eyes and walked to the bathroom. Brushing my teeth didnt take long so I quickly washed my face then headed for my dad's room. 

He was sitting a little bit up with his blanket covering him. 

"Hey dad." I smiled. "How was your night?"

"Fine and yours sweetie?" He asked. 

"Great!" I Beamed. I thought about last night and the slapping of the ass thing. The thought left as quickly as it came.

"Let me get you something to eat." I walked down the stairs. 

"Morning mum." I greeted. "Where is everyone?" I asked. 

"Robert has gone home and Chris is on his way back to new York, you were fast asleep when he left for his flight," She said and I could feel her forcing herself to be nice. 

I walked to the kitchen to get the fruit salad mum just made for my dad. 

I reached my dads door. Gently kicking the door open, my eyes fell on my dad trying to hide something under his blanket with a nervous smile on his face. 

"What's that?" I asked. 

"What?" He asked me back, making me chuckle.

I walked to him and lifted his blanket up. I found cupcakes in his hand. 

What the-? 

"Dad?" I rested my hands on my hips. 

"They are just cup cakes." He smiled, making me to snatch it from him. 

"Cupcakes are not good for a person that just had a heart attack," I said in a duh tone. 

"It helps," He said. 

"Helps to kill you huh?" I tilted my head to one side.

"I just had a heart attack and it's not like I'm dying." He raised his Hands to demonstrate. 

"How did this even get in here?" I asked. 

"Just let me finish it." He whined.

"No cupcakes for you dad." I refused and gave him his fruit salad.


It had been three weeks since my dad had the heart attack and he seemed to be fine. 

The school bus just pulled in front of my house and I ran into it. Immediately, I noticed my bus mates giggling and whispering which gave me a feeling that they were talking about me. 

These douche bags are at it again. 

I thought to myself and rolled my eyes, while I wore my headphones to block them out.

The driver pulled over and we all got off the bus. I just wanted to see Melanie, so that she could make me feel happy a bit. Melanie wasn't using the bus, her mum brought her to school everyday, while she went home with her neighbors or her dad. 

I walked into the hall way and immediately they saw me they started laughing mockingly. It was normal for me, they hated me. 

"Isn't that the daughter of the slut?" I over heard one of the girls.  

What the-?  Did she say slut? Wooah! what were they talking about? 

"Her mother sleeps with guys half her age and her dad is still alive," Two red headed girls said, while laughing out loud.

Sophia came in front of me and made mockery of me as usual before she spat out words that gave me a blow to the chest. 

"You twat, your mother is a whore." She abused. "I need to protect my boyfriend before she gets her tits all over his face with her legs in the air." She demonstrated in her short Jean skirt that showed her beautiful legs. 

"That makes her a bitch right? Making you a bitchling if there's anything like that." She added, her minions guffawed and sounded like those dumb hyenas from lion king.

I stood and swallowed grass snakes from Sophia. 

"You're just going to be like her." She said, making me to clench my fist and I remembered when I told Melanie about my mum weeks back. 

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Me when I had my first period

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