Chapter 7

"My best friend." I whispered. "No, my ex best friend," I swiftly said, swiping a tear off my left cheek. Mr Robert remained silent, but gave me the 'I'm listening, go on' look.

"She told my secret to the world," I said, looking at him with red, swollen eyes.

"Oh my, that's intense." He scrunched up his face.

"She lied," I began. "She lied to be my best friend, lied that she cared. She lied so she could get close to me, get something personal and crush me with it." I sneered.

"Wait, isn't Melanie your best friend?" He asked with confusion written all over his face.

"My ex best friend." I corrected.

"Hey, slow down tigress." He gave me a foxy smile. Does he not know when to smile and when not to smile? He's been squatting there for, lord knows how long. He should be sore by now.

"Isn't she the nice girl that came visiting the day you

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