Chapter 8

"Euw!" I exclaimed. "No, not in my room," I said. They both chuckled. Mother's phone rang out loud, causing her to excuse herself out of my room.

My father sat beside me, but his happy face was gone. "How are you princess?" He asked, sounding worried.

"I could really go for a big, warm daddy's hug now," I said, shutting my eyes. Father drew me in for a warm hug. It made me feel so safe, so comfortable that I didn't want to pull out. I held him tight like it was going to be our last hug.

"What's wrong baby? You're making me worried," he said, while he rested his jaw on my head.

He told me he heard I wasn't in school, but I remained silent. He said he was becoming really worried. He said I could see a therapist if I wanted, but I refused, telling him I

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