My Step-Girlfriend
My Step-Girlfriend
Author: Aider Kwin

Chapter One {1}

Heads Up;

There is going to be some Nigerian slangs and a Nigerian language in the dialogues as I'm trying to create a typical Nigerian book. 

But not to worry, the translations are going to be giving at the bottom of the page with indications of which Nigerian language is being spoken in the part where these languages are made use of. 

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do writing it 


"Derick!  Give me my money! Are you mad? This is not what we agreed! What is this? And you are telling me that you will pay nothing more! How dare you! " Her hoarse voice slices through the air.

"Woman, let go off my clothes if you like yourself. Take the money I gave you before I change my mind and collect the money back" He fires back at the flaring woman.

There is a knock on the door and a voice calls out from the other side.

"Derick!!!  *Kilo fa gbogbo ariwo yi? "

"Tobi, come in. "Derrick orders and a male figure walks in. 

" Tell this woman to let me go before I do what I will regret! " Derick tells the male now known as Tobi.

"You better pay me before I also do what I will regret!"  The woman barks.

"Tobi, look at this woman. Her service is not even up to standard and she is here claiming what I do not know! " Derick yells.

"Derick, calm down, and madam, at least put on your under gatments." Tobi replies and complains. 

Derick and Tobi patiently wait as they watch the woman put on her clothes and Tobis eyes are busy dancing with lust over the woman's nude body. 

Three other men are sitting outside the room, discussing the possible cause of the argument going on inside. Looking at them and how intensely they are conversing, one could think they are planning to sell the country. 

They all seem to be of the same age group and are mature men due for marriage. 

Dayo is on shining **skido and is very well built. With huge muscles, broad chest and all. 

Ayo is on a low cut and is very slim and slender. He does not look as well built as Dayo, but will still pass for a good looking guy any day. 

While Ike on the other hand, is suffering severe obesity and he is on punk hair cut . He is just as tall as he is fat.

As they are duscussing, the lady who has been in the room with Derick and Tobi, barges out of the room, practically running. 

Her makeup is completely out of  place and nothing is where it should be, one can even say she had mascara on her lips, her dress is rummpled and is not well sitted on her body which causes her thighs and buttocks  to be half way revealed to the men sitting outside the room.

Her hair is a total mess, she looks like a mad woman and even worse is the fact that she is not wearing shoes.

She keeps turning back as she rains curses on Derick and Tobi till she is out of sight.

Derick and Tobi eventually walk out of the room, laughing and giving each other fist bumps as though they just watched a record breaking comedy, while the three men outside are left wondering what happened with either raised brows, wide eyes or open mouth. 

"What just happened? "Derrick questions questions obvious confussion and curiosity. 

" ***Haba! Ike?,  you're mean to trust Derrick. He used a new technique on that harlot.  " Tobi replies whilst battling laughter.

"Seriously! I meet that bi*ch a while back and have used her so much so, I am tired of her. She is now so slack and no more fun.

 So I just thought; why not have her warm my bed one last time before biding farewell to beautiful nonsense? " Derrick replies like he is giving a speech of appreciation to his fans.

" ****You con run am scam join! "  Ayo states in astonishment and partial admiration.

"Ah, why not? *****Na who born monkey?? " Derrick replies throwing his arms in the air to gesticulate.

" Hm!  Our boss! " Dayo hails and he chuckles.

"******But why the girl come pick race like that? " Ike who is still mesmerized by the earlier sight of the woman ventures to ask.

"We used our secret weapon." Tobi replies half laughing.

" Ahh. *******Ejoor, let let us on this secret." Ayo demands. Excitement clear in his voice. 

Tobi brings out a stick like object which is wrapped in red cloth and white traditional beads from his pocket. At the sight of this, Ike screams in fear and takes hold of Dayo. While Ayo is forced to his feet by fear.

Their reactions cause Tobi, Derick and Dayo to burst into laughter.

" Tobi! when did you start doing juju? " Ike screams in fear. 

"Baba calm down. Don't give your self a heart attack. Its nothing. " Derrick assures his friend who looks like he is about  pee his pants.

" Then what is it?" Ayo shouts. His hands, legs and voice trembling.

" why una dey fear like woman like this? Abeg Dayo, explain to them. "

(Why are you guys acting scared like women?  Dayo, please explain  to them) Tobi Replies In mockery and a mix of distaste.

"see, it's nothing. It's just remote wrapped in something my daughter used to act a play in her school last week. See, " Dayo replies as he takes the object from Tobi and unwraps it, and indeed it is a DSTV remote that is in it.

At the sight of this, Ike and Ayo calm down and round of laughter follows as though planned. 

" you see?,  This is what we showed that prostitute that made her run like that . She even forgot her wig and shoes." Derrick replies as he struggles but fails to stifle his laughter.

This statement makes the men to burst into another round of laughter.

" Derrick, you are wucked. Look what you did to the girl. I mean she came here all dressed up and left looking like trash." Ike says.

"*********Abeg, forget that thing. Trash ought to be treated like trash. "Derrick replies and they all begin to laugh again.

"Okay, what is the next thing? " Tobi days to change the topic. 

"The club of course." Derrick replies.

"Ah! Didn't you just have a woman? You want to go to a club also?" Ayo questions in alarm and honest shock.

"stop over reacting. I need to rragain lost strength." Derrick replies to dismiss Ayo's statement.

Dayo hails Derrick again. This time with a smirk on his face and a gang of players slash womanizers then begin to make their way to the stairs.

It's no surprise that they can catch a woman in their web, as they all have the looks and the one without the looks has the cash. 


Derrick is a man of twenty-five, who has   a younger sister of age 20, But he has no mother as he lost her at the age of 14 to a fatal plane crash, while his father is 56 years old.

Derrick  and his friends, Tobi, Ike,  Dayo and Ayo are all of the same age group but Dayo is older than all of them. They go a long way back as they met in the university.

Dayo has been a broken man since he lost his wife, and womanising is a horrid habit he took up after her death.

They are all rich, working and good looking. Well, except Ike. He is a good looking man but fat defeats fact in his case.

They are all well to do men but they have a similar problem which actually plays a huge role in their friendship.

They all have no control whatsoever over their lust for women. Derrick is the worst of all and his personal assistant is Dayo.

Derrick is lose with women but never wants a boy around his younger sister.

Dayo, is a successful Managing Director in a big oil company. He has two beautiful daughters and has lost his wife to death. She died from cancer of the blood, leukaemia, a few years back. His daughters do not live with him but rather with their aunty who is on the other side of town.

His parents have brought several women to him for marriage but he is just not ready to replace his darling Jumoke, his late wife.

He is a Sunday medicine Christian who manages to mumble a few words of prayer any morning he remembers to.

He is very mature and responsible but is the complete opposite when a woman is involved.

Dayo is an asthmatic patient who is still learning to control his condition but has never really had a serious attack.


Ayo is a middle-class banker.  He is neither married nor does he have children. His parents are in Lagos while he is in Abuja trying to make a name for himself and his family.

He has no health issue unlike Dayo but he is the most childish character amongst all five. He lives in a self contain with one room,  parlor, kitchen and restroom.

Although it is a small space, he manages to make the best that he can out of it.


Ike on the other hand is a rich man but is not working. He is rich because he inherited a family fourtune and is also and internet fraudster. 

He finds it difficult to breathe and this is no surprise because,  if his fat  is enough to affect his walking,  how much more his breathing?.


*What is the cause of all this noise? {Yoruba} 

**Skido means skin cut {A Nigerian slang} 

***'Haba' {An exclamation.} 

****You also scammed her {in the passage above, Ayo spoke PIDGIN. A Nigerian way of speaking that involves slangs, a few made up words, a bit of our local dialects and then actual English.} 

*****An exclamation {Pidgin} 

******But why did the girl runaway like that? {Pidgin} 

*******Please {Yoruba. A Nigerian dialect} 

*********Please {A Nigerian slang} 

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