Chapter 13: Game

I saw how his jaw clench. I didn't expect his reaction to my simple touch. I folded my arms as I carefully turned my gaze back to him.

"Are you sure? You can stop, Riani," he said coaxing.

My forehead creased. I looked at him again.

"Why? You don't want to?" I said nonchalantly.

His lips parted at what he heard. The thought of seeing him acting like this made me to curious. I shook my head at the thought. I sighed after I saw a glint of a smile forming on his lips.

"It's okay, too."

I glanced at him. Never minding the intensity of his gaze as he's watching me closely.

"What is that?!" Demi's voice filled my ears.

I was embarrassed to turn to them. I almost forgot that Alforo friend was here. I bit my lip as I looked up at Alforo again. This time he's smiling confidently at his friend's back to me.

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