Chapter 146: Reconcile

"You okay, Ria?" Demi looked concerned at me.

I approached him. And I could feel the length of his eyes on me.

"I was watching you with, Klaud…" he said softly.

The volume of the sound were still there. The only difference is the neon lights were change in color playing in each direction. I approached our table. The wine and liquor were there, I sighed there.

"What did he tell you?" aniya.

I look at Demi straightly. His forehead furrowed sharply as I just stared at him. I bit my lip there. I eyed my phone, and it's dead.

"What?" she asked curiously.

"What time is it, Demi?" I chuckled.

My chest felt like a drum with excitement. I sighed when I heard I left one hour more. I seem to have poured cold water over there.

"It's eleven, Ria." Demi uttered.

I nodded there. I smiled as a few people came to our table. I even didn't think to entertain anyone. I couldn't even answer Demi's question. I gasp when I heard

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