Chained to Dust
Chained to Dust
Author: Jezzchaper


Cherish every moment that exactly what everybody says in my fifteen existence that's pinned on me. I know Mommy too, they never forgot to remember and share their unending motto to me. Maybe for me to treasure it, she even said that to me every time.

Mommy smiled warmly. I smiled too. There was a look of joy on her face as she watched me.

It's my fifteenth birthday, and Mom said that it should be memorable. I was still a little surprised there, but they all assure me that it's going to be fine. My lips parted as I remembered something.

Watching my best friend giggled. I immediately glanced from the room. I was led by laughter, and at the same time anxious by my curiosity, I heard the small sigh of others as they saw me coming.

I blushed to notice who was there. It's Klaud. Demi hissed and muttered something. At the same time, I watch him in awe. He is courting me back then, and as before, I only have one answer. Not that I didn't want a very close relationship with him, but now I don't think so.

He smiled, and like usual, my heart raced very fast. He's in the Senior Department, we only had a two-year gap, and I loved that she's a mature and grown man.

"Klaud..." my voice was small.

I almost fainted when he steps closer to me. I was even more nervous when he smiled at me. He has always been vocal about his feelings, and almost everyone seems to know it. It was the talk to the town, but still, it's quite foreign he's standing in front of me.

He glanced at me with a smile.

"Hmmm?" he winked at me.

I laughed and held the flower he's carrying. I could hear the screams of others, and I can't feel my ears anymore, Though, I'm a loss of words, but still managed to smile on Klaud.

"Can you be my girlfriend?" he asked casually.

Everyone cheered. I'm too shocked that it's all written over my face. For years that I saw how it is not clear over me, I am so overwhelmed. I used to see someone this close, but not this too grown. I took a deep breath. I learned to love the way he used to. And he's the first one to pursue me, without getting any assurance.

I bit my lower lip as I drifted my gaze on him. I was grabbing words that I can say. But in the end, I've seen in his eyes that he's very eager to hear what I wanted to utter, but he did not force me to speak, his smile was fading, and I did not want him to take it off.

"Yes..." I replied.

He smirked ear to ear. He found a way to hug me like I am something to hold. But of course, I let him do it. I enjoyed it too. My lips parted there. I smiled like there's something to be cherished in it.

Like a wildfire, it spread over the place. I overheard the conversation of others as Klaud approached our table. He's in a white long sleeve, while I am in awe watching him closely. His eyes found mine. He grinned at me.

"Are you hungry?"

I shook my head. He looked at me, weighing my answer.

"Here, I've got your favourite," he commented.

My eyes widened when I saw a lunchbox. And my eyes widened, even more, when I saw what was there, it consisted of different seafood. I was about to pick one when I heard someone.

I looked up. My eyes immediately find why everyone was looking at our direction. I quickly realized why. I didn't know, but the foreign eyes I met were a bit stoic, and I didn't see any reaction at all. I'm a bit confused about why that man looking at me intently.

"Thanks, Klaud..." I smiled.

I was a bit taken aback, as I glanced at the lunch box. I can't figure out why, but it seems something bugging me. I drifted my gaze and saw that man still looking at me. His lips parted when he noticed something, and I ignored that.

"Your cousin, Klaud?" I heard someone ask.

I glanced at him. My heart hammered for unusual excitement and unuttered words. Gradually I realized why. He's oozing with so much arrogance, and I don't like seeing him looking at me this intently. Something about his stare at me makes me conscious.

"Yes." I heard Klaud said.

The others sighed and nodded. I even heard someone gasped when bit by bit that man were heading on our table.

"Transferee? He's too handsome…"

I stopped when he could get closer. His eyes immediately found mine. I stared at him spontaneously. And I feel like there's something on his stare on me. I don't know if it's just me or not. But it felt longness and unfamiliar expression. I averted my gaze.

"Alforo," Klaud's voice filled my ears.

I bit my lower lip and divert my gaze on Klaud. Well, he's handsome and kind of soft, but knowing that he had a cousin like this made me in awe. Ruthless!

I caught him staring at me. I raised a brow. I am fond of someone staring at me, but this is different. It seems there's something in his eyes. I ignored that and just stared at Klaud.

"You're enrolled here?"

He nods and finds his way to my eyes again. That was not the last time I caught him with that glance at me. And it makes me wonder about something. His eyes were unreachable, and every time I glanced at him back, his gaze was hardened.

It was a deep solitude night, but more than ease, I find it a nightmare. I vividly remember someone's eyes watching me like I'm going to lose if he didn't. And funny how it's Alforo were not close enough. But more person is making me stiff.

There's someone on my dreams, and my heartache a moment. I want to remember it clearly, but I can't distinguish it. It's out of my reach.

The next day I saw Alforo with his friends. This time he's not looking at me, I'm with Klaud, and I'm enjoying his company when I heard them.

"Oh, Klaud? Date?" Klaud laughed at what he heard.

My face heated when we got nearer to their table. Demi wasn't here, and I find it awkward, not that I didn't have a boyfriend, but it felt foreign knowing that I'm on my last Junior year, and I'm mixing with College!

"N-nope." he looked at me.

I smiled to assure its fine. Klaud ordered food while I'm busy chatting with some of their friends. At first, I was hesitant to speak, but it wasn't hard to get along with them.

I didn't look at him, but I can see him fixing his attention on me. And I find it hard to deflect him in a single minute.

"So, when did you answer him, Riani?"

His eyes were on me, as my lips rose.

"It's privacy, Roque's!" Klaud's sudden voice filled my ears.

I smiled for Klaud being near on my side, I am not ready to answer anything, and even I wanted it I will just stutter in front of them.

I shook my head and enjoyed the food while hearing their talks.

"You should just make it hard for him, Riani!" Roques growl at me.

I laughed when I caught Klaud's dark gaze on Roques.

"Two-year gap isn't it?" Roques added.

I nod and secretly head my eyes on Alforo. My mouth dropped open when I caught him still watching me. I didn't remember anyone staring this badly! Maybe just now, but why does it feel different from usual stare?

I grinned. "Yes."

"Pedophile..." Fidel teased Klaud.

I left stunned. At first, I didn't know how to react, but I immediately laughed. I'm fifteen and Klaud was just seventeen, but he's mature more than anyone else on his aged. He always had this instinct of determination without having anything in return. That's why I like him.

"I'm not! Maybe Alforo!" he accused.

I was surprised there. My eyes widened when it drifted to Alforo. He's gazed were softened, but there's no expression at all. I got used to it because I always noticed him like that.

He turned to me and shook his head. His expression doesn't end for just a blank one. And I almost rolled my eyes at what I heard.

He smiled something unusual and turned to me.

"I'm not a paedophile. It's only been four years," his eyes were on me.

His stare was dry, and I couldn't look at him directly. I am always active in socializing people, but why does it differ for Alforo? I don't know either, but whenever his eyes damp mine, I've ever lost for words.

"Isn't it, Riani?" his deep voice sent chills on me.

It was the first time I heard him calling my name. And I'm shivering with his baritone voice. It seemed like there was something when he mentioned my name, it felt soothing in the ear, but I forgot he's stoic.

I covered my lips and did not nod. I've never dared to force myself to stared back when I know I can't. And I just realized that even more.

I'm looking for something when my eyes locked on the other side. I plan to go with Demi, but she's on her suitors, so I thought not. I ignored Alforo, but my peripheral vision saw how his eyes were gently resting on me.

Unlike the others, he's always prim and proper. He didn't talk that much, and he's too serious for everything. I ignored him even though I was not comfortable with his stare.

I was about to hold back my gaze when I'm caught off guard with him. I almost jumped in shock at his sudden approach. I know he noticed that so he slightly moved away a bit.

"What's with that look, Riani?"

His lips twisted when he noticed my uneasiness. I drifted my gaze at him. Instead of answering, I just shook my head.

"What are you looking for?" he asked calmly.

My gaze darted at him. My eyes caught his critical stare at me. I divert my thoughts, he is always like that, and it's usual.

"For subject?" he closed the distance between us.

I was shocked there. I did not answer. I stared irritably, and I knew Alforo was feeling it. I sighed and thought about how being unreasonable. I am to not answered him. Not that I don't want to, I'll just believe that the air between us was not cool. We're opposite, and from personality I think, he's too mysterious.

"You're always cold to me, huh?" he said playfully.

My lips were parted, and I saw him peeking there. His words were bitter, and I cleared my throat. I'm not cold to him. I'm fine, and I'm just not used to see him acting like these.

"I didn't, Alforo..." my voice was small.

His jaw clenched, I do not know the reason, but when our gaze hits, I'm in awe. His gaze shifted, and it bore to me softly.

He's looking at me intently. He licked his lips, and I looked away.

"Excuse me."

My heart pounded heavily for some reason. And I do not get what is it, maybe because of Alforo, or for something I didn't expect. The day ended quickly, and I thank myself for not seeing Alforo that day. I can't face him, because every time he's watching me, there's a different feel arising on me.

Everyone was there, even my closest friend to my grand celebration. Almost everyone seems to have been invited there. I didn't expect some, but I feel overwhelmed seeing Klaud on their looking at me.

I grinned at him. I saw that others were also waiting for me.

"Still suspense is there a wedding?!" Demi shouted.

I laughed there. Somehow I feel comfortable. Mix with my classmates I mingled with a few friends. But instead of smiling at them, I suddenly wondered if Alforo was also here. I ignored that.

Klaud hugged my back, and my head tilts for that. He's always good on his tux, because of his masculinity. I couldn't help but be amazed there, he's too handsome, and each day it felt like a dream of me being this close to him.

"Happy Birthday, Riani," he whispered.

I smiled at him. My lips were wide open, staring at him. Slightly his eyes darted on my lips, I've imagined it, but the demon inside me awaken.

His eyes turned to me. His eyes were on me, as his head tilts to damp a kiss on me. I was not surprised there. I craned my neck to give access. It was just a soft kiss, but it remained on me. I smiled and turned to him. It was my first kiss!

Klaud also left me and mingled with others. I'm sure that there's nobody saw that. Especially dark in that part. But when gaze bore to the other side, I can't look straight.

He's looking at me, but he doesn't smile. My attention was drawn to where he was looking. His eyes were on my lips, and it rested for a while. I was aroused there and approached.

Maybe, I should entertain him, huh? I shouldn't be so cold to him. I shook my head to get closer. His fierce eyes were directly pointed at me, and I was even more disgusted there. I smiled to calm the growing uneasiness on me.

"Hi, are you alone?" I smirked sheepishly.

He did not answer but still stared at me. It was awkward when my eyes bore that he's surveying the pictures. He nodded and tore his eyes on me. I saw his jaw tighten.

"Kissing on dark? Really, Riani?" he stated coldly.

I almost dropped my jaw at what I heard. Its dark and its hard to figure that out easily, especially in this location. I bit my lip and turned to

"It's normal-"

My eyes widened at him. I covered my lips as I stared at him intently. I can't help but feel his oozing confidence when he cut me off. I'm keeping my cool, but his last sentiments were like an insult.

"For a fifteen years old girl?" he added.

I shot him an evil stare. He just smiled and turned to me teasingly. The annoyance did not escape me as I watched him stare at the photos.

"Is that your first kiss?" he asked.

Slightly I got embarrassed. My cheeks turn red when our eyes meet.  I rolled my eyes to see where Alforo's staring.

It was a room. I'm curious

I didn't know what to say, but the way he stared for too long sent shivers on me. My lips parted there, and I never know how his eyes were drowning my illusional thoughts and nightmare. And I almost forgot that my eyes stay at him.

He chuckled. "You're so beautiful, Riani..." his lips pursed for a smile but I know there's more than that.

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