Chapter 2: Rain

I stared at him. Sometimes when Klaud was not around, he always had his way to be near me. I let it go and trained myself to be close to him, but I could not.

My forehead furrowed, and I did not notice him sitting in front of me. I didn't have a problem with that anymore. I always catch him staring at me, but my heart feels like a drum when I see that close.

"Any problem?" he asked.

I frowned as I turned to him. His long wavy hair was embracing each wind that is damping. I shook my head because I was nervous and almost bit my lip. His eyes so allured me that it's kind of intimidating.

"None..." I said calmly.

His lips parted as my eyes glided on his. His thick lashes gave colour to his pitch-black eyes. It was even more subdued, especially if you stared at him for a long time. I did not immediately notice that I was looking too much.

"I'm sorry..." I said.

Amused by my sudden stare, he just bit his lower lip. He nodded, and I was the one who finally avoided it. My breathe itch heavily when I turned to him all smiled plastered on his face.

"It's okay, Riani..." he said huskily.

He mentioned my name a second time, but it still sounded strange to me. It felt soothing, but whenever I glanced at him, the cold breeze of wind seems whispering something.

It was like these endless nightmares are haunting me, and I can't count how many times it visits me. But there's always someone who's bugging me—those pairs of eyes that it resembles, Alforo. I just don't know where. And it made me so stiff when another day he's around.

I was terrified. It was as if I was burning as I glanced at him. I drifted my gaze at Klaud, and an image of a wild shadow following me on my dreams vanished somehow I felt safe even the pain was stirring me.

"Are you alright?" Klaud said, concerned at me.

I nodded. Alforo looked at me, seriously.

"You sure?" Klaud said.

The day ended quickly. It wasn't smooth, though I clearly remember Alforo stared for too long. I did not mind that. I was just shocked to see him one day with Cyntia. The girl was hooking his hands as if swinging on Alforo.

I don't know, but I felt a bitter feeling, I didn't expect myself to feel this way, but I suddenly felt the acid when I looked at them.

They're both enjoying each company, and somehow I envy that one. Klaud has been busy for some reason, and I understand him. We still meet, if not in the cafeteria. And I am satisfied there.

Her mouth was half-open when my gaze drifted to Alforo's. I sighed and caught the frown on his forehead. Somehow, I hope he denied it. My brain spontaneously travelled at the thought. Fuck! How come I can think that way! I don't know either.

"Your girlfriend?" comment by Demi.

He chuckled and turned to see my reaction. It seems his weighing it.

"No ..." a smile played on his lips.

He glanced at me. I ignored him even though I knew his eyes were directed at me. He's with Haidy, and I felt something foreign on it. It was always like that if the problem was not in his deep pair of eyes, I did not know where it came from. I just do not want his presence!

I was enveloped in the cold as I now looked at Alforo's companion.

Bitterness crept within me, not necessarily because of what I saw or what I thought. I put it aside and looked away.

The wind breeze caressed my face. It washed away my hair. It's somewhat surreal when I'm in a smile when my eyes drifted to Alforo. He leaned forward as he stared at me. As if, there's a chance he can get something.

When I saw him staring, I immediately became serious. My forehead creased, I shifted my gaze as my smile faded. Haidy's on his right side, and my lips parted there. I didn't want to see it, but somehow I saw it.

I didn't look away. I was dumbfounded, and my stomach somehow churned for something I didn't notice. What now, if I see them? It's not even a big deal, he's a healthy man, and I don't want to mention he's the centre of attention. He's handsome!

My face blushed there, not obvious because of the sudden darkening of the sky. Alforo's gaze sent a foreign chill on me, he's deep eyes flawlessly lingered on me. He did not smile, but for a moment, I saw the movement of the jaw. He's gritting his teeth hard. Badly!

I covered my lips and secretly looked at him as he left. There's something on him that I find scary. Every time I look at him, I immediately worry. It seems like something is wrong, I just believe that he's too serious, and I'm not used to it, but it's always like that.

It was too late for me to notice the heavy downpour. I lamented and muttered a curse, but it's too late. I immediately looked for a possible shelter. But before I could run fast, I heard a giggle. At first, I did not notice that, but when I saw that they were not Alforo. I just shrugged. Wait! What? It was only then that I noticed that Alforo was not with his friend, he was with Haidy and an image flashing on my mind was a bit sin, but I know I can compare it to him.

It is not vague because I can see that he is superior to Haidy. I know his grip wasn't hard, and I felt it soothing. My forehead furrowed, and my stomach ached at what I saw. The rain was pouring hard, but the intense nervousness did not escape me. It's normal, I know. He's in age and his not different for the others.

I was cold for another reason. I was soaking wet while watching the two of them. My lips are trembling, and I am not used to it. It would have been nice if I hadn't noticed it! But my curiosity drives me for it! And I just realized it even more.

They're kissing, and each time I noticed the flock of his tongue, it shivers me. I hid and stopped seeing Alforo's. He's looking intently on my way, when my heart was pounding, making my ribcage hurt.

There are many differences, and maybe they're opposite. Klaud was always vocal, loyal, and I trust him more than anything. I could not bear what I saw, especially when I stared at the two. Haidy's widened eyes spread fire on my system.

"Really, Alforo? Here?" I ask cooly.

He looked at me, disgust was written all over my face, and I knew he noticed that. I smirked when my gaze diverted to his fierce eyes.

What? Caught?

I averted my gaze, his jaw clench, and it's making me uncomfortable. His attention was focused on me, and I could barely notice his dark eyes.

My lips curved for a teasing smile.

"Next time please be on private..." I said sarcastically.

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