Chapter 4: Dark

I cleared my throat when I realized the side of his lips rose and curved. I looked away from him and looked behind me. But I saw nothing, we are alone here on the bench, and it felt surreal for me. Gradually I realized what I had been said. I simply stared at him. I watched the twitch of his lips.

"What? You were treated with a kiss, Alforo?" I asked gently.

The bitterness did not escape me, as I saw the marvel in his eyes. If he hadn't been so irritated before, I wouldn't know precisely with his expression.  My heart hammered fast, and I can't even recognize any thoughts that are bugging me.

"What kiss, Riani?" the sarcasm and the hint of teasing were on his tone.

I glared at her as my gaze slowly shifted. Though, instead of riffing it to the other side, he immediately caught me. His eyes quickly darted on my lips, and an imaged of him and Haidy kissing on the dark picked mine. I saw the orange sky change, every second it is becoming darker and darker, resembling his piercing eyes watching me intently.

He stared at me as I watched his jaw move. Somehow, it sent vague in a different manner. Every time I saw his eyes, I am wondering that I know it very well. I was overwhelmed by a lot of thoughts, but I immediately ignored it.

His stare was lethal to me, and as time went on, I cut it off. It was unrelenting thoughts that I figured out that's its taboo to recall those nightmares, especially that it resembles his eyes.

"I see you, Alforo. You liked it," my voice was small.

The urge to paying attention to his soulful eyes drawn me, instead of watching him, the acid spontaneously went up in my stomach. I didn't see all of it, but I only knew one. Every boy dreamed of it, kissing passionately and feel serene each time they lip hoarse for anticipation.

Slowly his eyes softened. I caught him weighing my expression, but I did not let him. I didn't like his stare each time it damps me, and I got furious quickly.

"I didn't like that," he said huskily.

I looked up. Impossible! Doesn't he like it? I denied it in my mind and waited for him to add his words just in case. I am ready for retorting him, but he didn't say anything.

I stared at him spontaneously. I just noticed his difference with his cousin. He's too matured. And his fierce and relentless eyes were making my senses blur a moment. Gradually my gaze faded as I noticed his jaw clench.

"Why, Alforo?" I said, wondering.

Even if I wanted to convince myself, everything seemed to be imprinted on me. Alforo's gazed bore to me, and it seems he's a predator watching his prey moved. And if you do not pay attention to others, they will simply disappear.

His lips twisted, I was utterly taken aback by the blow of his eyes on me.

"I like it when you said my name, Riani ..." he whispered.

His deep baritone voice sent shivers down my spine. The cold enveloped me, and my nervousness erupted. Why does it feel unreal? I do not know. I'd tried to evade his stare and compose myself for a while. I could not look at him. I sighed

"You're straying the topic..." I said casually.

His expression remained, and my throat dried. His soulful eyes faded quickly in a flick of seconds. Darkness engulfed me, and even its darker eyes still shine. I was astonished by the way it blended smoothly.

"I don't like her, Riani ..." his deep baritone voice echoed.

I swallowed, not believing. I always believe that action is better than words. And it cliche somehow. Not in all cases still. It was just ordinary, and if you're reading it carefully, you will understand better. They're the same, and its deceiving.

"Who do you want?" I said boldly.

The wind was caressing my face, and I find serene on it. Alforo's stare could not be erased from my mind. His eyes were stoic gliding into me that made anything on me lit up. It was indeed a wrong move to ask, but nothing will be lost if known. I'm just not sure. And I hate that I'm slightly confused by it.

My days went smoothly. I let myself socialize with Alforo's friend. I am busy with my paperwork when I suddenly preoccupied with Alforo's move. He approached and ignored my lousy stare. I don't want him being near to me, I don't know the reason, but there's always a thin wall I feel when he's closer.

"Still cold, baby?" his lips irk playfully.

I blinked and backed away, his gaze dropped there and raised an eyebrow. Slowly I felt how Demi glanced at us. It didn't take long either. Immediately, I eyed Alforo's watching my every move. There I realized what he was looking at. I blinked as his eyes darted to his smiling face.

"You don't want to pay attention to me, huh?"

"Finally..." he said, locking our eyes.

I was nervous. His words and tone sent shivers on me, every time.  Something strange, and so foreign. I'm trying to compose myself, but the case was pushing it down. I caught him still watching me.

His brows shot up and turned to me. This time, the tension and sensitivity of his expression were urging my mind to blow. I can't get it, and I'm not sure why and how.

I looked away.

"It would have been nice if you'll stare at me for too long." he teased.

My eyes widened, and the demon inside me slowly urge to be awakened. It was as if I was scorching as he glanced at me. I remained my straight face and rolled my eyes. He laughed there, which made me even more irritated.

It was a smooth end that day. I was groping my bag while waiting for our pick-up. Though I can wait, I gradually realized to avoid staring at the other side because Alforo was there.

He's leaning on his SUV while looking at me intently. I was aroused there, which made me even more anxious. His hooded eyes sneer with me, I wasn't paying attention because he always looked like that, but it completely disappeared.

I didn't know how to react to all of this. It's getting darker and darker, while the sun was bidding its goodbye. I did not immediately notice the immediate approach of Alforo.

"I'll bring you home, Riani…"

I turned to him and smiled casually. His eyes were on my lips while I'm looking away.

"It's getting late, Riani."

Exhausted by my thought, I bore my gaze at him. I smiled tiredly and shook my head. The silhouette of him made me grimace for a few moments, it screams undefined feelings, and unusual crashed of pain that made me stiff for no reason.

"It's okay, Alforo,"

He bit his lower lip. He stared greedily as I forced my attention to the side.

"Then, I'll stay here," he said huskily.

My smile faded, his eyes were mixed in the glistering shadow. It blended well, like an abstract tormenting me to make this dizzy and caught on guard.

"You go first, Alforo."

"I'll wait here, Riani..."

I sniffed and shook again.

"Haidy's still inside, mind if you do him a ride..." I retorted

In the dark, I saw the arch of his lip.


Damn! My chest felt like a drum of strength. He stared at me, intently. His eyes lingered on mine, never wanting to make it's soft or else I'm going to deflect.

"Don't wait for me,"

"Klaud will pick me up."

His jaw tightened as his forehead creased. I looked away, and even it tempted me to glance back.

"I'll wait, Riani."

It was a bittersweet feeling. I let him there. Though every time I watch him, he's also looking at me. I looked up at our upcoming pick-up.

I was immediately alarmed when Alforo's eyes were found mine for the last time. I'm glad that the window was tinted. I slowly manoeuvred to the car as I watch Alforo leave. Fuck this feeling! He closed his window and didn't look at me.

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