Chapter 6: Blur

The next few days were a bit tough, though I can always call Klaud for help though he's been busy for an immersion. I did not deny that either because the next day, he came voluntarily.

It was then a fine lunch break, I mingled with Alforo's group, while Demi was noisy next to me. I did not immediately realize that Klaud was coming to our table. He's in a white long-sleeve and black slacks that made me watch him in awe.

I smiled at him as my eyes traced his tiny motion.

"Sorry for my absence guys!" he said

Alfred laughed as I glided my eyes up to Alforo who seemed to have lost his appetite as he watched Klaud's hand behind me. The traced of uneasiness with his stare obviously making it more foreign.

Demi shook her head. She turned to Alforo, who was staring at Klaud and me.

"Your immersion is over, Klaud?" Demi asked.

Klaud looked at me. "Not yet,"

"When will that end? Demi grinned teasingly.

I sighed then smirked at my friend. My lips parted as I saw Klaud's momentary stare at me.

"Next week, Demi." Klaud hand stroke behind me.

He turned to me and smiled. I looked at Alforo. My smile faded when his eyes were on Klaud's hand. My cheeks got hot there. I know what he's thinking! I averted my gaze from him and never returned.

The next day it was still the same. Alforo's been quite if I catch him staring, he immediately turns his attention to others. I don't know if it's me, but he's not being nosy all the time. He's only attentive when I'm not staring.

"Let's go… Alforo's going to play. "Demi wink at me.

I glared at her.

"What if he can play now?! There are many supporters, and his girlfriend is there!"

The bitterness crept within me, my eyes caught Alforo's glance. Fuck! I forgot he was just nearby, and I know he heard it, all!

"I don't have a girlfriend," he said coldly.

I smirked. I caught Demi shaking as I tried to drive away from my nervousness. Damn!

"Ah, Friends with Benefits, Alforo?"

His jaw tightened on me. His eyes were fixed on me, and every time it sent different angst of emotion. I covered my lips as I matched his gaze.

"What now?" he said in ease.

I almost tore my lip to bite. This brute full of arrogance! I know he's not an exception. He's not an average, his damn playboy! And if I count it, it looks vague because of the number of people he slept with. My stomach turned sour there. The thought of Alforo and his girl on a bed made me stiff for no reason.

He leaned back in his chair as I turned around. The side of his lips rose, and for a few moments, I wish I can maintain my composure.

"No need to brag it, Alforo. Your arrogance!" I sighed.

His brow shot up. I noticed his immediate bark of laughter.

"Easy, baby..." he said teasingly.

My heart race fast at what I heard. My mind was stacked up, and I can't seem to stand a fight with it. I shook my head and forced my thoughts aside. Feelings don't matter, he's a jerk, Riani. It was deceiving, and once you let it spread your system, it's ruling and uncontrollable.

"It is something you should be proud of," he muttered,

My smile was sour as I watched him. My lips were parted, and I notice how his gaze drifted on it. If I hadn't noticed Demi staring at us earlier, I wouldn't have hesitated to stop. Fuck! I wish he's always quiet and not this too loud.

"Where are you going to watch?" Demi winked at me.

"No, I have a date with Klaud."

Demi raised his brow. The leaning Alforo suddenly got up. I turned to him. His expression changed a bit. I smiled. He didn't smile, but he's fuming mad glancing at me.

He looked at me, then shifted. I act naturally.

"Where?" he asked.

My eyebrows rose. "Just be there in the back, kissing was prohibited!" I said in sarcasm.

"We will not kiss, Riani."

"Tss... That's our first anniversary! Stop intriguing Alforo!" I lamented.

His lips twisted at me. He's watching my every move and looked at Demi. He smiled as I was stunned.  I was about to call her when Alforo grips my right hand. I couldn't move near him. He's too close, so close that I'm in chaos holding in front of a greek god.

"First anniversary? Huh?" he whispered.

The sensation when his hot breath damps my skin was so soothing. I almost forgot our distance now. His eyes were soulful, and it's drowning me, its too mysterious, sometimes, but it's so mesmerizing. He was staring at me. I forgot that we're in a cafeteria and everyone must be looking at us, but I couldn't take my eyes off.

"I'm coming, Riani," he said with finality.

My trance returned to what I had heard. Fuck you!

My eyes narrowed at him. "It's an anniversary, Alforo. You can just be with Haidy or Cynthia!"

He eyed me intently. And the vividness on his gaze made my mind blown. He's serious but noisy, and it's neutral. And if he's joking, I can sense it easily. But I know this time he didn't.

"I'm not attending the training, Riani. I will accompany you," he said, exhausted.

My eyes widened at what I heard. He's looking at me intently with his piercing eyes. Attentive and very eager to hear what I wanted to say.

"Tsss. What are you doing Alforo, third wheel?" I asked with so much curiosity.

His lips turned into a grim line.

"Am I bothering you?" his deep baritone voice sent shivers on me.

Gradually my smile faded. The foreign feel of my heart every time he's acting this way was like chaos on my whole system. Annoyed I turned to him, he's eyes surveying me.


His brows furrowed, I saw the movement of his jaw at what I said. Fuck! I averted my eyes as I tried to calm myself.

"I'm leaving, Riani. I'm just going to watch you with him ..." his voice was raspy.

I shook as I bit my lip. Why Alforo? Sometimes, I don't understand why he's acting this way.

"Just attend the training, Alforo."

I sighed and returned my gaze to him. I waited for him to utter any words, but he didn't speak. The deafening silence stretched between us. My eyes caressed drifted at him, and for a moment, his expressive hooded eyes were alit on my mind.

"I'll gonna watch you, Riani ..." he said huskily.

The demon on my stomach awaken. His words were like a dagger that somehow I didn't know it touch my heart. I gasped for air as I feel I can't negotiate with the speed of my heart. Damn! I don't know, but an acid dripped within me when I remember him on one of my dreams. Not totally him, but a little resemblance.

Slowly bitterness crept within me as I recall something I didn't know. "Melfer…"

"W-what are you saying, Riani" his voice thundered.

The wind-blown my hair. I couldn't look straight at him at this moment. "I didn't know. Do you know him?" I uttered weakly.

His jaw clench. I can sense that he's holding back. I lifted my eyes at him, and I saw his bloodshot gaze like his too vulnerable for something.

He shook his head, looking away at me. "I didn't."

I don't know why I felt something in his eyes. Just like he's not telling something. I sighed and averted my eys at him.

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