Chapter 8: Watch

The day ended smoothly. Alforo's gaze was on me as I bid my goodbye. Somehow, I find ease and comfort with him. I can't deny that. But what made struggling is a nightmare with him. And it seems it's not just a usual dream, and it's connected, but the image of it blur immediately.

My eyes found Alforo. He's wearing his jersey with a number six on it. He caught me staring, and it's too bad he chuckled teasingly. He turned to me immediately. I'm with Demi whistling at Alforo.

I glared at her. "Why does it hot here?" she said.

She laughed as I signalled her to stop. My heartbeat rapidly when Alforo stepped closer. He looked at me, staring intently. I looked away.

"Thanks for the date..." he said cockily.

My face heated profusely. Demi beside me hissed something, I turned to Demi, and she's on a smile while teasing me confidently.

"Did you really date?" he asked.

I looked at her, she eyed me eagerly, but I didn't answer so she followed me.


He giggled. "I thought..."

My eyebrows rose. She's playing with his pen when I caught her eyes looking at me, pure of question.


"I'm really sure he had feelings for you."

I almost choked on what I heard. If only it isn't her I wouldn't dare to answer. I bit my lower lip profusely. My every move was careful as I finally turned to my friend.

"He's just joking around, Demi." I almost sounded unsure.

She nodded.

He's just fooling around, I'm so sure of that. At first glance, it was obvious to me, but why there's part of me hoping? I stopped while finally worried about Alforo's stare.

"Hi ..." I said cockily.

His eyes turned sharply on me. He didn't respond, and I didn't wait for it too.

"You don't have a game?"

I almost jumped when I caught Alforo's stare. He's in front of me, I didn't notice that, and in fact, he didn't pay much attention to me either.

"No..." Rondier answered.

"Is Klaud's immersion over?"

Alforo glanced at me. I ignored that.

"Why did you miss him?" he asked.

I kept looking up at him. He's watching my every move as I rolled my eyes.

"Why do you want to know?" I challenge.

He licked his lips. "Is it forbidden?"

I stared at him like daggers. Somehow my eyes narrowed at my left side. My eyes widened at a fraction for them watching us.

"I think you really like my friend, Alforo ..." said Demi.

I cleared my throat. Alforo chuckled, this time, his eyes were totally fixed on me. Others noticed that, but they're just smiled. I even muttered a curse for him tilting his head.

"Too young ..."

His lips twisted. "Maybe just crush would do."

My cheeks finally turned red. I can't even look straight at him. A smile appeared on his lips as he noticed my constant concern.

"Do you agree?"

I smirked. "No thanks ..."

"Sure ..." he sneers.

My day ended quickly. I also never saw Alforo again that day. And it made me too comfortable when he's joking around, and it's rare of me. I got off at our pick-up. I smiled warmly, especially when I found them at the table.

"How's your day, hija," he asked.

"It's okay, and it was usual."

He nodded. For a moment, I was worried about her look at me. She smiled. I put away my plate while filling the water into my glass. I want to ask some question regarding something, but I don't think it's the right timing.

"Uhmm ... Can I ask something?"

Daddy's now looking at me. I notice the wrinkled on his face as he smiled at me.

"Sure, hija. What is it?"

"Can I invite, Demi here? For sleepover?"

They laughed together. Daddy massaged his temple and did not take his gaze away from me.

"Yes. You don't need our permission."

I laughed too. It felt an ease that way, but it's not totally what I've wanted to ask. I shook at the thought bugging me. There's something wrong, and I find it hard to ask them about this.

"Anything?" Daddy's forehead creased.

"About that room, Daddy. Is it a stock room or not?"

I was momentarily worried about their reaction. Filled with so many questions, my eyes narrowed at Mommy. They didn't respond quickly.

"Why, hija?" Mommy interrupted.

"I just thought that, Mommy."

Somehow, I didn't recall having a dream last night. I slept peacefully and ignored what was bothering my mind. My day was smooth. But not totally.

I passed the quadrangle and saw Alforo sweating. Training? I've checked my wristwatch. I sighed and didn't mind it.

"You'll still avoid me? Good morning ..." he said.

He's on his jersey, sweating bullets but his minty scent stung my nose. He is tall, I am also tall, but in fact, his height between us is very far.

He bit his lip. "Good morning," he repeated.

"Do you have training?" I strayed the topic.

He nodded. My eyebrows rose as he handed me his extra clothes. I stared at it and did not know what it was for.

"I'm going to be late, Alforo." I lamented.

My lips parted as he quickly moved his clothes up. I was too caught on guard as I look at his masculine body. I swallowed and finally averted my gaze.

He chuckled. "My shirt Riani."

I rolled my eyes. He did not take his eyes off me. He's watching me, and I can see it from my peripheral vision.

"Thank you." He mumbled.

I nodded.

He bit his lip. I even saw he cleared his throat after my gaze at him stayed for too long.

"Welcome, just don't strip with me next time," I state calmly.

"As my baby wish."

"Stop teasing me with your own endearment Alforo!

He chuckled and eyed me playfully.

"What do you want then?" he chuckled.

Irritated by him did not answer and left him there.

I'm one of my favourite places at the library when I accidentally drifted my gaze on him. I was here before, and I'm wondering if he was also doing some paperwork or just eyeing me again.

"O-oh, you're here?" he murmured.

I raised an eyebrow. "Are you here to tease me?"


His deep baritone voice sent chills on me. I lowered the book I am holding. I stared at him intently, watching what he was doing.

"You're doing something? Or just stalking me?"

He lifted his gaze on me. I now avoid it.

"I'm doing something?"


"I'm reading, can't you see."

I smirked bitterly. "Besides that, Alforo? What?"

"Watching you," he said straightforward.

My eyes widened. I noticed him weighing my reaction. But it faded easily. I was anxious. Something on his vibe was like soothing on my nerves. At first, I was hesitant to admit it, but this time it's totally enlightened me.

"Any help?"

"No. You can just watch me." I said frankly.

He laughed. "Really? Can I?"

I turned to him angrily. "It's sarcasm, Alforo."

I turned my attention back to what I was doing. The brute was really watching me closely. If I hadn't just spat him so hard, it wouldn't have stopped.

"W-what now?"

"I'm focusing, Alforo."

"Me too," he stated, looking at me.

I shook my head and continued what I was doing. But instead of focusing on it, my mind suddenly recalls something. I didn't know if it's part of my dream or not.

"What is it?"

My eyes bore to Alforo. I shook my head, and my eyes damp on his eyes straightly. Fuck! Why does it seem familiar? I do not know.

"None ..."

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