Chapter 9: Song

I woke up early on Saturday. I have done my routine. I went down and turned to Mommy. She smiled, looking at me while I'm too preoccupied.

"Where will you go, hija?"

"At school, Mommy. Project."

She nods in response. I did not criticize that. I finished quickly and bid my goodbye to her.

"When is your sleepover, hija?"

My eyes narrowed at her. I smiled.

"I'm planning it, My. Maybe in sembreak ..." I replied.

"Is it just Demi, hija?" she asked nonchalantly.

I looked at her. I laughed.

"Maybe ... I have no other friends besides him."

"What about, Klaud?"

I was embarrassed by what I heard. Well, They heard it. Mommy didn't even scold me for having suitors or boyfriend. And it felt great, but I don't think I can bring Klaud. Not because I don't want to or what.

"She's busy with immersion, Mommy."

Somehow my stomach churned on that. He didn't even text me or what? Anyway, maybe he's just too busy. I almost choked when Mommy turned to fix her attention to me.

My eyes widened at her question.

"What about, A-alforo?" she said carefully.

I looked at him. I frowned at Mommy's tone. It seems like she's weighing something on me, I ignored that. I smiled and rolled my eyes, hearing the name of that brute.

"Alforo?" I confirm.

"Yes, darling ..." she said, not taking her gaze away from me.

"We're not close, My ..." I said quickly.


I bid my goodbye and excuse myself. Mommy nodded at me. I waited for our pick-up and immediately checked my phone if I miss a text on Klaud or not. I sighed at what I saw. There was none, and his last message was picking me up on Prom.

I went down. Wearing my usual crop-top and ripped jeans, I glided the door of our van. My eyes immediately found where my other group was. I smiled at Demi.

"Have you been here for quite a while?"

She turned to me. "Yes ..."

My eyes narrowed at her more. I watched them gather at the gate, which made my forehead crease even more.

"Why haven't you come in yet?"

"Uh ... There's a tune-up game, and other students are not allowed in. College only?"

"Huh? There's nothing like that before? Or just now?" I'm sounded unsure.

I gasped, if only there's no actual picture or video of us practicing, I'm not really going. I stared angrily at the gate. There's no guard, or even people passing by. It is also not very heard here whether there is a tune-up game or not. I sighed.

"Can I call Alforo?"

I shook my head immediately. My groupmates glance at me, but they tore there gaze immediately.

"Don't, Demi. We can just find another place ..." I responded quickly.

"In the field?"

"I'll call Alforo." she insisted.

I did not answer. My two group mates didn't respond. I sighed in ease, as I heard Demi's complaint when Alforo did not answer.

"Maybe busy? Don't you have a College acquaintance?"

They shook.


"She's busy with immersion, Demi?"

Her forehead creased. "Isn't it the last day now?"

I sighed. "Don't know..."

"Riani..." a deep baritone voice made my face tilt.

I almost jumped when I saw Alforo. His eyes were on us, no it's on me. To my irritation, I did not answer him. I just avoided glancing at him, either drifting my gaze.

"You're already here, Alforo!" Demi chuckled.

His brows furrowed, I could see that as I momentarily rolled my eyes at him.

"We can't get inside. And there is no guard. Can you call? Or can we go with you ..."

I straightened up. I am still annoyed at his presence beside me. He's standing imposingly while his gaze darted at me.

"Yes, Alforo. Can we?" uttered of my one group mates, but in a sweet tone.

My irritation got worse. He smiled, then gently bore his eyes on me.

"You? You don't want to?" he chuckled.

My eyes narrowed at him. All the curses I muttered on my mind, were for him. Why does he even need to ask me? I didn't argue anymore. My smile was sour when I looked back at him.

"I want to ..." my voice was small.

He nodded and craned his neck, still watching me. I noticed he was wearing a jersey while still rubbing his eyes. I looked away.

"Let's go."

I nodded. We followed him, and I didn't even pay attention to him until we got to the soccer field. I glimpse at him a bit. My other group mates said goodbye and thanked him, While his busy gliding his eyes towards me. My eyebrows raised a bit.

"We're the next game in a tune-up, Demi. You can watch." He lifted his eyes on the other side, but still damp mine.

"Sure, Alforo. We'll just finish this." sweet words of one of my classmates.

"All right, I'll go first."


The humming's of the bird-filled my ears. I strum the guitar, waiting for the right timing of the song. Gradually, Demi presented to be the lead singer. At the same time, the three of us will be playing an instrument. I don't even want to do anything. We're recording it, and it seems to be totally awful.

"Fix it, Demi."

She rolled her eyes. "Fine," she grinned.

"Can you try it?"

I shook my head. "I made the lyrics and melodies.

"I don't want to sing. I'm not good at it."

She barks laughter. I gently pressed the chord while she was singing. But it's totally awful, and I don't want to say. But maybe for the grade too. Damn this!

"I don't cry, but that was a lie."

"I just want to make it on myself."

"Cause when tears are going down, running through my cheeks."

"It's so hard to say goodbye."

The song was melancholic, and I felt the rush of the wind. Why does it feel something unsure with me? The truth is, I don't know. I didn't compose that song, I just saw it in one of my journals, and the lyrics made me in so much awe. It seems to fit into how I feel. It's fucking terrible. I do not want to admit, the rawness of this song sent chills on me, every time. And the first time I saw it, it easily registered on me—the melodies.

I stop when Demi finally crouched down.

"What the hell!"

"Can we switch guys? I can't stay serious."

No one spoke to us. I eyed the two of them, but they're grinning for unsure decision.

"You're the only one singing to us, Demi," Teresa uttered.

"What about, Riani? Or Jamie?"

We shook at the same time. Fuck! I do not want to fall into a minor subject. The wind blew my hair as my gaze drifted on the upcoming Alforo and his teammates. Wait? Is it over? Or it is just a break.

"Fine ... Let's switch."

Demi laughed. "Yes!"

I blinked. I was at the centre of the three. I changed Demi's position while she was playing the guitar. I made an easier chord for the song, and just repeated so easily. But fuck! I don't know, but seeing Alforo while I'm making my composure to sing made me preoccupied.

"Fix the tripod, Demi." I immediately ordered her that she obey.

Thousands of volts of electricity made me laugh when I witnessed Alforo stepping closer on us. I didn't start yet, and I was waiting to see if he would leave or not. And he fucking didn't leave. He's watching me with his perpetual scowl that makes me stiff for no reason.

"Recording?" he asked.

I nodded.

"What's the name of the song?"

Demi giggled. "Why are you curious, Alforo?"

I glared at him. I still don't pay attention to him even though I know his attention is focused on me.

His lips rose. "Maybe I know. Maybe to grade it, huh?" he states the last word huskily.

"Grade it then ..."

He nodded.

"Title, please?" he murmured.

His gaze darted at me. And for the fleeting moment, I am again mesmerized by his eyes. I don't know either. It was clear, but not totally transparent. I barely can see any emotion there. It's just that. It resembles something.

"It's gone."

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