"NO! Never!"

"YES! now!" Mase, Bonny and I screamed at the boys.

"No. No. We are not watching that chick shit movie." Harry stated.

Bonny looked at me and smirked before sending me a wink. I was confused to what she was trying to say but I just looked and Mase and she had the exact same expression on her face. Mase and Bonny got up and walked towards their boyfriends. They sat down with a leg on either side of the boy's laps and began seducing them. Seriously, I was even imitated by how good they were. I was beginning to get hot myself, and my goat doesn't float that way. It drowns.

Bad joke, Kasey.

Ok. Ok. I'll shut up.

"Please, baby?" I heard Bonny purr. I heard Harry groan and obviously give into his girlfriend. Amazing friends I have!

"Okay." He said pulling her closer and kissing her neck. Bonny being Bonny pulled away as a cruel bitch she is and ran towards me. "Yay! Mean girls!" She yelled before tripping over the carpet and falling on me. Together we landed om the ground and fell into a fit of giggles. Well... She was giggling. My laugh was more like a Llama being fucked in the a- Nevermind. Gross.

But seriously, it's horrible.

"Guys! It's beginning!" Mase squealed and placed herself on Brace's lap, finding a comfortable position by fidgeting around. Causing Brace to groan and whisper something in her ear and in reply he gets a red blush creeping onto Mase's brown cheeks. Nasty bastards. I smirked.

Bonny sat down beside Harry snuggling up against him.

And I, I had my snickers and popcorn to snuggle up with.

I need a boyfriend...


"We really need a burn book like Regina has." Mase said pointing at the screen. The movie was already finished and was showing the cast right now. So, I had no idea why she was pointing at the screen.

"Yes, I agree. We can make the whole book about Tynsley." Bonny said, "she is such a whore."

"With a hot ass, tho." Harry said smirking.

"Excuse me!" Bonny hissed which Harry just replied with a chuckle and a twinkle in his eyes, "no more sex for you for the upcoming week." The twinkle died.

"What? No..." he said pulling her towards him, "baby, I was joking." Bonny pulled away from him and sat down next to me on the ground.

"Asshole." She muttered with a grin playing on her lips. She's torturing him. Cruel bitch.

She was so going to give in to him. She couldn't resist him even if she wanted to.

I laughed and jokingly shoved against her shoulder.

I heard Brace whine behind me and looked behind me seeing Mase standing up and sitting down beside me as well.

"What did I do wrong?" Brace whined.

"Being a boy." Mase simply replied and grabbed a new movie to watch, doing it into the DVD player and pressing play.

"Why? You into girls lately?" Brace said smirking, which rewarded him with a fist bump from Harry. Both laughing their asses off.

"No." Mase sneered. "Into men."

Brace face fell and changed into distaste, not saying a word, looking lost in his mind.

"Oehh... burn." I laughed and high-fived my girls.



They were all asleep and I was the only one watching this shitty horror movie. I didn't even want to watch this movie in the first place. And I was pissing my pants.

No joke, I peed myself.

Don't judge, Ok. The man with the mask and knife suddenly appeared on the screen. And I know, cliché, predictable. But I didn't see it coming. And I already was in the high need to go to the toilet, but I was scared shitless. And do you think I'm walking alone through the dark hallway into a small room called a 'toilet'. So, I decided to hold it in. But, me being me, it flew out.

I was lucky I didn't fucking shit myself.

Suddenly this horrible melody started playing in the movie and that was my last drop. I turned the tv down and hid under my blankets. I'm such a pussy.

I tugged myself in and closed my eyes, letting the darkness consume me into a deep slumber.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I heard voices scream into my ear disturbing my peaceful sleep.

"Fuck off..." I groaned and pulled the blankets over my head, locking out the sharp rays of sunshine.

"Such a bitch." I heard my brother say.

"Harry! How dare you? She's your sister." I heard a male voice say.

I shot up from my bed and looked around.

I spotted an older man and woman standing in the doorway with big smiles on their faces.

"Will! Mandy!" I sprung up and tackled the woman and man in a big hug.

"Kasey!" They replied and hugged me tight to their bodies.

I heard the deep laugh of Will rumble through his chest into mine.

"I missed you, guys." I murmured.

"We missed you too." Mandy whispered before kissing my forehead and pulling away from the hug.

Mandy and Will are my parents, Harry's real parents, and my foster parents. Even though they're not my real parents, they feel like my real parents. I do remember my mom and dad, but I don't like to talk about them. And Will and Mandy are absolutely amazing. They treat me like their own and Harry does too. So, I don't have anything to complain. When I first got here I just called them by their names and it just stayed with me for the past few years. And I like it this way. It's comfortable.

I looked back at my friends and spotted Mase and Bonny holding a gigantic cake with my face on it. I was eating some kind of snacks in the form of sticks. I had put them in my nose and was looking at my nose which caused both my eyes to be pointing at each other, making me look like a lunatic.

They all started singing, making me blush red.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Kasey."

They placed the cake onto the table and walked towards me-

"Happy birthday to youuu!"

-and pulled me into a big group hug.

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