AbdulRasheed surveyed the house once more before he moved toward it slowly. This was the house he had met Aliyah the night Zeenah had been kidnapped. He had called her number and was lucky that it went through and she picked up, telling him to come to meet her there if he wants to get his wife back.

AbdulRasheed didn't waver, however, he had told Bashir to come along but stay hidden. He hooped out of the car and turned discreetly to check up on Bashir, who had parked some few meters away from the house. He had no idea why Aliya had told him to come over, but whatever it is, he was going to see the end of it today.

He thumped on the door and waited for some minutes before the door was yanked open. Aliya stood by the door, dressed in a mint green fitted gown. Even her breasts were showing, despite knowing the consequences of her actions, it seemed as though all that didn't bother Aliya one bit. "Hello, handsome. Look, I'm wearing your favour

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