We stop by Elven house where we pick up both him and Nia

Elven opens the passenger seat door and scowls at Alexander. "Get outta here the passenger seat is reserved for the one and only me!"

Alexander has been irritated the entire ride and I try to tell Elven with my eyes that now is not the right time. Alexander glares at him and slaps Elven hand away from the door. "Fuck off." He dismisses and slams the door in his face.

Elven is about to fight for his rightful seat when Nia grabs his arm, noticing Alexander mood. "Stop complaining before I'll make you sit in the trunk."

Elven rolls his eyes and we squeeze ourselves together in the back seats but we're four people so we're not able to sit comfortably. I hear Brandon sigh before he lifts me up and places me on his lap. "You sit here so we can fit."

I roll my eyes embarrassingly but when he puts his arms around me I put my head against his shoulder

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