"Hey Braze, man have you seen my...OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED?!" Ash screams and I pull him in and lock the door before anyone comes.

"P-please be quiet please" I plead as I try to cover my body. I start to pull on my shirt but Ash stops me his eyes wide and swallows.

"Braze who did this to you? A-an-and when? An-and for how long? And where were we the whole time?" Ash asks faintly fighting his tears but I can no longer fight my own and I start to cry. Ash puts his shaking arm around me and hugs me.

"Braze listens, please answer the questions I need to know. Please"

And I do it because I can't fight anymore. Because I'm pathetic.

" I-It's A-Aldertree a-an-and M-Mel. F-for a-about s-seven w-weeks now." I sob and Ash lets go of me and try to look me in the eye. His own eyes are filled with tears and I feel so bad.

"Braze I'm so so so sorry. We knew something was going on with you but we never...please can you forgive us?" All I can do is nod because this isn't their fault. I am the one that didn't say anything and they were just being nice may be thinking there are problems in the family or something and they simply didn't want to pry. Not that there aren't any problems in the family.

"Braze I'm so sorry. We are so sorry. I'm going to make them pay one way or another! Stay here!" Ash commands and starts to head out angry but I grab his hand.

"N-no Ash, please! I don't want you getting hurt please!" I cry panicked and Ash looks me in the eyes again. His own eyes are red now.

"Braze do you trust me?" He simply asks his eyes pleading to say yes.

I don't trust easily but I've been such an ignoring asshole for the past seven weeks but they still stick with me. They didn't leave me out of anything. They go out every weekend and every weekend they ask me if I want to come and I'm always the one rejecting. But they never rejected me. So yes I do trust that they care about me which I find surprising because I haven't exactly been the most welcoming person and haven't done anything to earn it.

"Y-yes" I whisper hoarsely.

"Good" Ash smiles sadly and hugs me again. "I'm so so sorry Braze" he whispers. Then he pulls away. "I'm going to fix this don't worry okay?" Then he leaves.

I pull on my shirt and try to ease my breathing but I'm so worried and I wanna punch myself. People always get hurt because of me! Haven't I learned anything yet? Apparently not because here I am telling Ash and I might have put him in danger as well. Now we're both screwed. But if he can fix it.

However, Ash didn't do anything because on my way out of the locker room I get cornered again but I'm already used to it so I just standstill as they do their routine. Mel grabs me with one strong hand over both of my wrists firmly keeping them on my back and Aldertree positions himself.

You know, when something new happens to you, you get overwhelmed. It's like when you get a new phone. You become super happy and excited but after one week or two you've already gotten used to it and you don't feel any of those emotions anymore when you look at your phone. It's because it's not something new anymore instead it's something that's always there and you've simply gotten used to that.

The daily beatings from Aldertree and Mel are the same. At first, it was painful and overwhelming but now it's not that out of the ordinary. That's why I barely squirm anymore because pain and I have become friends.

But then I open one eye and see light reflecting on something and I see Aldertree holding somethings. It looks like a stick but it's metal and now I'm actually starting to get scared. Are they going to hit me with that?!

I feel my eyes widen and see Aldertree grinning like a high murderous maniac and I close my eyes because this is something new and it is gonna hurt like a bitch because I'm pretty sure he'll break something. Involuntarily I start to tremble and I can almost see his grin getting wider and wider. What if he kills me?

I can hear the sound of the metal being swung in the air and soon I am going to feel it...

I hear a sound of metal connecting with skin and a loud cry. Was that me? But why can't I feel anything? Or..have I got used to this so much that even metal can't get me to scream? But that's physically impossible! Then I feel something shake around me and I would have guessed it was me because I'm shaking like hell right now but this shaking is going in another rhythm. Mel. But why is he trembling?

I slowly open my eyes but instead of finding Aldertree standing there grinning with a blood-soaked metal stick-like in action movies, I see him in the quite the opposite position. Laying on the ground whimpering in pain with no bloody metal stick. I look up and see no other than Alexander holding it instead with a seriously pissed off looking face. Behind him I see Brandon. He is looking equally as pissed off and my eyes widen at the sight. 

Brandon looks above me at Mel and with a voice full of hatred he hisses "Go..."

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