Chapter 33

"Iyunade!!" Iyunade jolted out of her dazed state as Stella shouted her name.

She immediately turned to where Stella was sitting.

They both were sitting in their hostel's sitting room but Iyunade had been in deep thoughts.

"You know I have been called your name more than four times now.?" Stella raised her brows.

" Oh! I am so sorry. I was just lost in my thoughts." Iyunade replied.

"Why do I have a feeling that you were thinking about Tunde?" Stella asked, making Iyunade's eyes widen.

She couldn't even deny it because Stella had guessed right.

It's been a month since she and Tunde became friends and she was starting to know things about him. He wasn't as how she and her friends had thought he would be. He hasn't shown any behavior she should be worried about.

But,he travelled to Abuja three days ago and he hasn't called her or even messaged her. His number was not even reachable when she called it. She was beginning to get worried and scared as different questions kept crossing her mi
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