Chapter 4: The Discussion

Astrid Larsen’s POV

The next morning, His Holiness aka my Master was asking me to meet him. He said that he has something to talk about concerning the blue blood in the dungeon. I sighed as I was standing in front of His Holiness’ office. I knocked on the door.

“Come in,” he called from the other side as I was holding the doorknob and twisted it before I was walking inside his room.

“Ah, Huntress. Glad that you came on time,”

“What was it, sir? I hope he was not doing something in the dungeon last night,” I said my master before he waved his hand dismissively.

“No, it was nothing. I just wanted to tell you that we have to discuss what to do with him,” my master said as he ushered me to the chair. I took my seat as I was looking at him.

“I was wondering if you know about Craving Virus?” His Holiness was asking me before I shook my head. I think I heard it when Aaron was telling me but I could not think when he did mention it.

“Well, Craving Virus was the substance that gives Blue Blood their superhuman strength and speed. They also have great night vision than humans. If so, I wish to learn their secret,” my master said as I was looking at him. 


His Holiness turned to look at me as he was staring outside the window. He smiled weakly before he took his seat.

“Of course, it was for scientific purpose. I wish to get the blood sample from our hostage and he would not let anyone near him but you,” my master said as his black eyes were looking at me. I think his eyes were holding its coldness inside him. It was not the same eyes that have taught me everything that I know.

“What would you do with it?” I asked as I could not stop myself. My master smiled before he patted my shoulder.

“It will be our new discovery if we could tell the world that the Craving Virus was something that can be cured and the public did not have to be afraid of the Blue Blood anymore. If anything, we will offer the cure for them to be human again,” His Holiness said that made nodded at him.

“I will try to get the blood from our prisoner,” I said as I was looking into his black eyes. It was mysterious yet scary at the same time. He smiled as he was gripping my shoulder.

“Now that’s the Huntress that I know,”

I went down to the dungeon before I nodded at the guards that were stationed outside the cell. I dismissed them before I was unlocking the cell and stepped inside the cell. I can hear that Aaron was breathing heavily before I heard him smirked.

“Well, well, if it wasn’t for the Huntress. Come to get your sample of my blood?” Aaron asked me as I was looking at him. He was okay as he just got trapped here last night but I can see that his devil was trying to come out. I don’t know if I can get close to him right now.

“Why are you standing there, gawking at me? Don’t want to play with me anymore?” He asked as his green eyes were tracking every step that I took. I think I have to be careful with him right now.

“If you know that I was to come and get your blood, will you let me get close to you?” I asked as I was pacing back and forth in front of him. He smirked before he was straightening up and I was looking at his dire state.

Well, unkempt state that was.

He was lean, muscular. His hair was disheveled but I don’t think it would be a disadvantage right now cause he was handsome with it.

His full lips and high cheekbones as his emerald green orbs were looking at me as if I was his prey that he can catch if he was not being held by the chain. I shivered.

“I must say, I was surprised that your master let you come near me. Would he be worried that I would hurt you?” He asked me as I was scoffing at him.

“Even if you are, I will not let anything come to that,” I said as I was looking at him. Aaron smirked before he was licking his lips.

His pink, kissable lips.

I groaned inwardly as he was doing it sensually and I was hoping that I could taste his tongue right now. Will it be the same as the kisses that we shared in the facility before he was caught?

Woah, where did that thought came from?

I cleared my throat before I was coming closer to him. Aaron leaned forward before he was sniffing the air. He chuckled before he was smirking at me.

“I don’t think it would be wise for you to come now,” he whispered before his green eyes were turning charcoal. Now I know that he was being controlled by his demon. I gulped before I was glaring at him.

“I am not afraid of you,”

“Of course, you are not. You’re the Huntress, the killer of my kind, the assassin that we avoided. But I should warn you that my demon will not take a no for now. You’re bleeding,” he said before I was blushing.

“How—how dare you!” I said as I was hissing at him. He smiled before I saw his canine was showing at him.

“Careful, Princess, I don’t want to be held responsible if you’re being bitten here right now just because you don’t heed my warning,” Aaron said before I tsked at him. I took a step back before I was out of the cell and I was looking at him. Aaron smiled.

“Good girl,”

“I’m not your girl,”

“Oh, but you will be. So, you might as well get used to being called that, Princess,”

“I’m not Princess, I’m Hunt—“

“Astrid,” he whispered my name and I think I stopped as I heard my name was out of his mouth like candy floss. It was sweet and right.

I looked at him before he was taking a deep breath and turned away from me. I don’t think I ever saw him like that but I don’t know why.

My heart soared and I think my knees turned to jelly.

I turned around before I was looking at him. I cleared my throat before I was pointing my fingers at him.

“I will come back for your blood and that’s a promise,” I said before I was out of the cell and locked it. But not before I was out, I heard Aaron said that he was counting on it.

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