Too Late To Say I Love You
Too Late To Say I Love You
Author: Mu An
Chapter 1 Toy With Her As You Please!
“Strip off her clothes!”

Inside a damp and dark prison, a man ordered coldly while standing by the only window in a cell.

Three prison guards with evil smiles approached a beautiful woman, who was hiding in a corner.

Gwen White kept backing away with a pale face until she hit the wall and could not retreat anymore. “Don’t, don’t come near me…”

Two of the prison guards exchanged glances and pounced on her to press down one of her hands each.

“Let go of me! Let go of me!”

Gwen struggled with all her might, but before she could break free from the prison guards who were already pressing her down, the third guard ripped off her blouse’s buttons at once.

She held her clothes tightly while she pushed the prison guards away, but how was she a match for three big men?

When Gwen White was pushed to the ground, the men, who reeked of sweat, took the opportunity to touch her all over.

Gwen shouted at the top of her lungs, “Jared Crawford! I’m your wife! Are you out of your mind? How can you let them do this to me?!”

Jared Crawford looked at her with a stronger disgust when he heard her calling herself his wife. He uttered ruthlessly, “Strip her until she’s naked!”

“No — No —

“Save me!!”

Gwen White resisted so fiercely that the three prison guards decided to cooperate.

She had never been so afraid and felt as if she was a fish on a chopping board, ready to be sliced up at any time.

“Jared! Make them go away now!” Gwen was nauseous and was close to breaking down.

Even then, Jared kept quiet and looked on indifferently!

Tears began rolling down Gwen White’s eyes.

She was his wife, so how could he do something like that to her?

… No…

Gwen was wrong. Did Jared ever treat her as his wife?

If he did, he would not have sent her to prison!

Jared Crawford bathed in the only ray of light in the cell, but he was as cold as ice.

He simply ignored the woman’s cry for help.

Jared left only after seeing the three prison guards stripping off Gwen White’s clothes such that only her thin undergarments were left.

“Gwen White, it doesn’t feel good to have your clothes stripped off, is it? Do you finally understand Janice’s pain? Have you finally learned not to do to others what you wouldn’t have them do to you?”

Jared Crawford looked down at the trembling woman, who was hugging her clothes tightly. His eyes were filled with extreme loathing for her!

He would never forget what he witnessed today.

If he had not arrived in time, what would the three men have done to Janice? He dared not imagine it.

‘It was this b*tch who did it!’

“How many times do I have to explain before you’ll trust me? I never hired anyone to hurt Janice Sanders!”

Gwen White burst into tears. ‘He believes everything Janice says because she’s the woman he likes.

‘Even if I’ve done nothing, he sent me to prison because of what Janice told him, and he even ordered these men to strip me…

‘But I’ve liked him for ten years, and I’ve loved him throughout my youth. How can he not listen to my explanation…’

Jared Crawford only thought that Gwen was giving an excuse. He suddenly grabbed her neck and said, “Are you saying that Janice would hurt herself to slander you? Who do you think you are? Gwen White, are you not going to admit it if I don’t teach you a lesson?”

Gwen was suffocating, but she bit her lips and responded, “Why should I admit something that I didn’t do?”

“Okay, very well, let’s see how long you’re going to be stubborn about admitting your mistake!” Jared laughed due to great anger.

He simply lifted her and threw her to the prison guards. “This woman’s a gift for you!”
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Semakaleng Matlabe
I've read this book twice already, right here on this app. It's beautifully written, characters and storyline make sense...and most importantly it's completed and has a great ending. There more books I read on here the more I appreciate this book.

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