The MacWatters' Essence || ✔️
The MacWatters' Essence || ✔️
Author: Nikki Larousse
Prologue: The History

Azalea Johnson’s POV

I don’t know if what I did was the best option for me. I did not know any better. I was so naive and young that I believed everything that was laid upon me was good enough for me to survive the future.

it was my supposed victory celebration after intense training for 5 years. I was supposed to be chosen by the biggest and exclusive ballet company in New York. I was supposed to have a contract in my hand tonight.

I sighed. As much as I wanted to do that for the rest of my life, I don’t think I can do it anymore longer. Not after what had happened before tonight. I looked up to the stars as they were very pretty tonight.

“Honey?” My mum’s voice was coming from the bedroom. I was on the balcony of my room when I don’t bother to look into her direction.

“what are you doing out here? It’s cold, you don’t even have your coat on,” she said before getting my big, furry coat from the wardrobe. I just let her do it. I have no desire to move or to talk about anything right now.

“honey?” She said as she turned me to look at my face. My face was stoic as ever. I don’t want her to be worried. But she was my mother and her mother instinct was never wrong. She smiled weakly at me before pulling me into a hug.

“I’m sorry you’re not chosen for the ballet. I think you have done it beautifully over the past years when there will be competitions that you entered. I’m could never be more proud than that,” she said as she was holding me close. I let her play with my hair as we were silent to look at the stars.

“I don’t know, mum. I haven’t been this crushed before. And it all was because of that—“

“shh, hush now. You know I don’t like you’re blaming the fate,” she said as she pulled me closer again. She always kind of a person that believes in karma and God’s plan. I, on the other hand, was not like that. I grunted.

“if it makes you feel better, I have booked out the ticket to visit your father in Sydney,” she said happily as she looked at me. I was smiling at her but I don’t feel like traveling.

“Are you sure I can make the trip? I mean—“ I said as I showed her my cast. She smiled at me before she kissed me on the forehead.

“don’t worry, sweetie. Mummy will take care of everything,” she said as we just sat there under the stars in the middle of the night of New York, with the cabs and the hustle and bustle of the city. Yup, sounds like home.

A week after that night, we went to visit my dad who was a Marine biologist in the Great Barrier Reef in Sydney. He always comes home when he was off duty. But this time, we went to visit him as my mum thought it would help me to cheer up from my failure.

“how’s my sweetie pie?” My dad said as he scooped me up from the wheelchair. I giggled as it has been a long time since I heard his laughter. He has not come home for two months.

“hey, honey,” he said as he put me down on the chair and kissed my mum. I made a face before they just laughed at me.

“oh, honey. You will want to do it after you married the love of your life,” my dad said as he pushed me through the airport to get to the waiting car of his. thankfully, mum said that he had rent an accessible van that can help me to get inside easier.

“sure, but that would be a long time from now,” I said as he pushed me inside the van before they went to load the luggage and my dad took the wheels since it was his city after all.

“Are you ready for some adventure, mate?” He asked in his fake American accent. I giggled at him before my mum put her hand on his arms.

“Riley, come on, we will be late for the next surprise,” she said sweetly at my father. My father turned to look at me.

“you’re going to love this, sweetie,” he said before he went off from the airport and I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier and before I knew it, I was drifted to sleep.

It was dark when I opened my eyes. I was in bed, in a room that I don’t even know. I panicked as I looked for my mum or my dad. Where was I? What has gone wrong? The door opened and my mum flicked the switch. I flinched as I shielded my eyes from the sudden lighting.

“oh, you’re up. Sorry, you must be jet-lagged. So I told your dad he can take us tomorrow then,” she said as she put some hot soup and tea on the night table. My stomach growled at their sight. My mum chuckled before she gave me the tea. I took it and drank it.

“so, what is this surprise that you want to talk about to me and dad?” I asked her as she put the soup onto my lap. I ate it for wholeheartedly. seriously, the plane food was plain and I was starving.

“well, you see, here’s a thing—“

”you’re getting divorced?” I said as I put horror on my face, my mum turned to me as I had said something insulted to her.

“what! Who gave you that idea?” She asked me, amusement in her voice.

“well, I thought that you’re about to say,” I said as I stared at my bowl of soup. now, I don’t feel like talking anymore. She sighed before she caressed my cheek. She called for my dad before he came inside with a small chocolate cake in the shape of coral, my favorite.

“We were planning to tell you tomorrow after you settle but I guess we just have to vanish that thought of being divorced parents,” my dad said as he put the cake on the night table. suddenly, I just wanted to devour the cake whole.

“so, if you’re not getting a divorce, then what?” I asked them as I don’t know what to say to them. They smiled at each other before my dad took my mum’s hand.

“you’re going to have another sister,” she said as I was smiling with delight. I cannot believe it. I have been wanting for a baby sister and my wish did come true.

“really?” I said as I took my mum’s stomach to my ear and tried to hear their breathing. nothing. I scowled at it before my parents laughed.

“it’s okay, your sister was sleeping. now, onto the bed, we talk more in the morning,” my dad said as he tucked me inside the bed. My eyes were sleepy as they sang my favorite song together.

Hush my sweetie, don’t say a word

Papa’s going to buy you a mocking bird

And if that mocking bird don’t sing

Then, mama will keep on singing.

“have a sweet dream, my dear,” my mum said as she kissed my cheeks. My dad did the same.

“I love you guys,” I said as I was yawning. They both laughed.

“Okay, see you in the morning, sweetie,” my dad said as he kissed my forehead and went to the door with my mum before closing the lights and went out of the room. I smiled as I tossed into a comfortable condition of my bed.

The next day, we have the most amazing day ever. My dad showed me his lab where he worked on the migration of the fish in the Great Barrier reef and other stuff that he did. I was fascinated by the aquatic life in the reef headquarter Aquarium.

I asked my dad so many questions that he just laughed at me. I was smiling as well when my mum just told me and my father explained a little bit more than I asked for. I was fascinated by the fish and all that stuff and the news about a new baby sister.

I think this day has overcome the day that I failed my ballet position in the exclusive company. today, I have found a new passion.

I’m going to be an oceanographer.

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