Author: Kathrine kayz
1. Suck it

King's p.o.v

"Do you take king as your loving wedded husband, in sickness and in heal...... 

"No I don't" Isabel answered coldly cutting the priests question short. 

Everyone murmured as my heart beat wildly in fear. 

"Isabel" I whispered. 

She faced me seriously then sighed.

"I'm sorry king, I just can't marry you, I'm not in love with you" she answered loudly as people gasped. 

"But my love, you said that you loved me" I said pleadingly. 

"I lied okay!, I'm in love with someone else!" she screamed as I felt my heart ache in pain. 

"If there is something I did wrong, please do forgive me, if it's more money you want I can give you, you can have my black card and everything" I begged then lifted my trembling hands and held her's in mine. 

"That's it!, no how much money I get or how much jewelry you give me, I just can't stay, you are so fucking rich that your wealth will never end easily, thanks for loving me blindly, because of you, I'm now very rich with your money" She answered angrily. 

"My love" I whispered with forming tears. 

"King stop!, You don't get it do you?, I don't love you, I can't continue living with a man that acts like a girl!, you worship me, bath me, clothe me, feed me, even apologize when I'm the one whose at fault, I just don't want you, for a handsome guy such as yourself, your personality is weak and annoying" she spat as she removed her veil and threw it down. 

I watched in tears as she turned and walked away, I was about to follow her when Pete grabbed my hand. 

"Brother, let her go, she has embarrassed you badly in front of our family and friends" Pete said in a whisper. 

"No, Isabel please come back!, I love you!, I promise I will change, I will do everything you want!" I screamed as she quickly ran away and got into a guys car, she smiled at me then the car took off as I powerlessly sat down at the alter and wept.  


I woke up with a loud groan, I usually had this nightmare every once in a while, five years had already gone by but I still dreamt about it. 

Isabel was just a mere memory to me, she left and broke me badly. 

The day she left me at the alter was the day I closed my heart, I learnt that love was not only a weakness, it was also a person's downfall, I focused on running my companies and completely changed my personality. 

The old me was a total fool who gave all his love and trust to just one woman, the me now would never do such a thing. 


Pete called outside my bedroom, I stood up and went to the door, I opened it and looked at him. 

"Gosh king, why do you usually sleep naked?" He asked loudly. 

I turned and moved to the wardrobe then pulled out a robe and wore it, then went back to him. 

"What?" I asked lazily. 

"Have you forgotten already?" He asked as I frowned deeply. 

"Speak" I commanded coldly. 

"Tomorrow we will be receiving a guest, miss Ariana the chief architecture, she will be supervising the contraction that will be taking place here, her room will be opposite yours" he answered as I sighed. 

Pete was really boring me with such a topic in the morning. 

"Fine, is there anything else?" I asked as he hesitated. 

"Well wont you pay aunty and uncle a visit?, They have been waiting for you to pass by or call them" he answered as I pat his shoulder. 

"Brother, we both know how mother and father are, if I go there it will be suicide, they will try and talk me into marrying, which I'm not interested to do, they will bore me to death with their love stories, how about you go on my behalf?, Today I have a party to attend to" I said then turned and went in the bathroom. 

Pete slowly followed and stood next to me while I washed my face. 

"Pete don't you dare open your mouth" I warned knowing very well what he was about to say. 

"King, not all girls are like that bitch Isabel, some are kind and honest, are you going to let one person ruin your chances of being in love and experiencing true happiness?" He asked as I glared at him angrily. 

"Fuck love!, And for your own information I am very happy, why do you always do this?, When mother and father call, you usually talk about the past I had forgotten, please Pete I will ask you as your brother to let it go and forget about the past before I end up hurting you with punches" I said angrily. 

"I'm sorry to have angered you, I will leave you alone" he said sadly then went out. 

I angrily hit the wall and took off my robe, I stepped into the shower and turned it on, when cold water poured on my body, I felt calmer. 

I knew that Pete and my parents wanted the best for me, but I went through hell alone, they had no idea how hurt and broken I was for the past two years. 

"Babe?" A familiar voice called in my bedroom. 

"I'm taking a bath" I answered. 

The door opened and Valentin entered with a smile. 

"I really love what I'm seeing" she said seductively as she took off her clothes and stepped in the shower in front of me. 

Valentine was tall with a slim sexy figure, but what I loved mostly about her was how she wasn't clingy to me, we were more like sex lovers. 

She knelt down in front of me and took my dick in her hand, I smirked when she began stroking it gently. 

"I want your mouth" I demanded. 

She smiled happily then took me in her mouth, I leaned on the wall and closed my eyes as I enjoyed her mouth on my dick. 

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