Michal was trying so hard to rehearse with her crew members, they had a performance the next day.

"We're making progress." She beamed.

"Yes Mira but there are still some things that needs to be taken care of." The choreographer said, they referred to her as Mira.

"Things like what?" She asked him impatiently.

"Your steps, you are not getting it correctly." He replied.

"Really? Did you just notice that? Do you realize the show is tomorrow, and you're just bringing my attention to this?" She panicked.

"I know, but we can still make you get the steps correctly before tomorrow." He smiled gently, she frowned and told him to get back to work, knowing they'd have to overwork themselves again.

They started rehearsing again, her PA came inside the dance studio and gave her the phone. She halted and picked the call.

"Hello, Mira on the line." She s

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