The Previous day had been a hellish one for Michal, from Ruth denouncing their friendship to her mom bringing her boyfriend home. It was really a not nice one. Talking of Jerry, she wasn't sure  if she would ever succumb to him being her stepfather there was something about him she couldn't bring herself to understand, he had an aura of viciousness.

She got up from bed and woke Mirabella up, it was another school day they did their morning chores and got ready for school.

Exams were starting the following week, Michal knew she had to get all worries off her mind and concentrate fully on her books, Brainhood Academy's examinations weren't always easy especially for the senior classes.

She remembered Ruth immediately she got to the giant school gate, she sighed heavily looking at the gate painted blue and white. Mirabella ran inside leaving her sister behind. "She's not worth it, now let's go inside." She said to herself and walked into the school compound.

Michal got to the classroom and there Ruth was seated grinning . 'Speak of the devil.' Michal ignored her and walked gently to her seat. She wiped the dust off her desk and chair and sat down.

Ruth and Shalewa were the only ones in class with Michal.

Shalewa was the class gossip, Michal wondered when Ruth started moving with her. She brought out a book to keep her busy, she read on but the incessant loud chattering of the two girls wouldn't let her concentrate on what she was reading.

"I will get that." Ruth told Shalewa.

"I bet you can't." Shalewa said mockingly.

"Then, let it remain a bet." Ruth grinned. Michal wondered what they were discussing, she had a feeling it was something related to her but she ignored them. 

She stared into the book in front of her once again, but her ears were filled with Ruth's and Shalewa's small talks, of course she knew Shalewa was a big gossip and she secretly hope Ruth won't expose the little secrets she had kept with her to the gossip.

If she did, the news would be all over the school Ruth was a snitch and Michal prayed she won't ever tell Shalewa the secrets they shared.

She peered over her shoulder pretending to be searching for something, she let her eyes roam the class purposely when Ruth wasn't looking she quickly stole a glance she wanted to try to figure what they were discussing by looking at her but luck wasn't on her side, Ruth caught her gazing at them and without giving it a second thought she rolled her eyes scornfully at Michal.

She looked away, if looks could kill Michal would probably be six feets below the ground now she turned her attention back to the book she was reading, that was better than those two gossips.

Time came up for the morning assembly, the necessary sections had finished and the students were about to march off to their classes when the principal climbed up the podium, another round of advice

The students grumbled, they didn't like it when he came up to address them but it was inevitable. He owned the school.

"Good morning students." He greeted them.

"Good morning sir." They chorused.

"I hope you're all doing well?" He asked them, his face beaming with smiles.

"Yes sir." They chorused again.

"So I'm here to inform you all that you can now use the cafeteria during lunch break. The issue that came up last session has been sorted out. The culprit is now in detention, she confessed to poisoning her friend's food and it wasn't the chef that poisoned the food."

The students murmured, they knew what happened last term.

two of the present s.s.3 students were poisoned they escaped death because their teachers interfered real quick. Rumors had it that the chef poisoned them cos they were always rude to her, the chef was sacked and the students were prohibited from using the cafeteria.

Fortunately, one of the students confessed that she poisoned her friend's food due to envy, she was really envious of her and she needed to get rid of her, her best friend ate from the food so the two girls were affected. A cruel act, she pleaded mercy and the school authority had detained her in the police custody. A new chef was hired and the other one that was sacked was compensated.

Michal mind drifted to what the principal was saying. How could a friend poison her own friend?

She looked at Ruth, 'she was capable of doing such thing' Michal thought. But wait, Hammed wasn't in school yet.

What happened? He wasn't always late to school.

Michal waved the thoughts of Hammed and Ruth off her mind.

She looked up to the podium and listened attentively to what the principal was saying.

She sighed and wondered what was keeping Hammed late.

The first class for the day started and ended, the second class was about to start when the class teacher came to the class.

He greeted the maths teacher and told the students that Hammed called in sick he won't be coming over to the school today. So he told them to select volunteers that will go check on him at home when school closed.

Immediately the students shouted Ruth and Michal would go. Michal was befuddled, what were they talking about?

She and Ruth of all people? God forbid.

But if she decided not to go, her classmates would accuse her of being cruel but she couldn't stand going to Hammed's house with Ruth.

'Why won't they choose someone else?' She groaned internally.

"Today, we will be treating Quadratic Equation." The maths teacher brought Michal back to reality, she stared at him as he scribbled quadratic equation on the board.

'Why will Hammed be sick? Or was he pretending? Was this a plan to make her come to his house cos of what happened the previous day?" She was staring at the maths teacher but her mind was far away from him, she looked on at him and pretended to be listening.

Drama just began...

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