One down, one more left.

There were so many thoughts going through Selena's head as she repeatedly thought about Mila's text and the risk involved in facing her aunt.

Selena was so stressed by this that she started tapping the desk over and over again. 

Craig and Mathew seemed a bit disturbed by Selena's sudden mood swing as they watch her fingers continuously hit against the wooden surface. But when Selena abruptly stood from her chair, that had them a bit troubled.

“Madam, is everything okay?” Craig gently asked as he and Mathew stared at Selena wearing her coat.

She then walked towards the door, but as she was about to open it to head out of her office, Mathew and Craig seemed prepared to follow her out.

Selena slowly let go of the doorknob, and then she turned around to face them with anger expressed on her face.

“I am an eight-month and a few weeks old pregnant omegala, off course I am not okay! M

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