The light in the medical room shone upon Selena's face as she blinked her eyelids. Then after a minute or two, she finally opened her eyes and her sight immediately landed on Gabriel angrily staring down at her.

“What happened?” Selena mumbled.

“Did the fact that you almost fall to your death mess with your memory?” Gabriel asked while striving his best not to lose his temper.

“Fall to death? What are you talking about?”

“Wait. You really don't remember a thing?” 

Selena gazed at Gabriel with confusion in her eyes. Then she tried to sit up.

“Ahh! Why does my body hurt this much?” Selena mumbled.

“You really don't remember falling off the edge of a twelve story building?” Gabriel asked.

“No. All I can recall is Mila explaining a bunch of stories to me before injecting me with yellow fluid, then everything became blank in my head.” 

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