Pure Devastation

Liam gazed at the two officers standing in his office with a hostile expression on his face.

“Why are the both of you here?” He asked.

“Mr. Adler, it is about your sister.” An officer replied.

“What about Mila.” 

“She's dead.”

Liam's eyes seemed a bit colder as he intensely gazed at the two officers. 

“We know this is not pleasant news, and we are sorry for your loss.” The other officer stated.

“How did this happen?” Liam calmly asked.

“Well, the maintenance guy that committed suicide DNA matched that of your sister. We don't have the full details about how it happened. But since this company belongs to you, we are here to ask for the footage from the CCTV cameras of that day.” 

Liam kept calm and silent as he gazed directly at both of the officers.

“Thank you for this information. But I wouldn't be releasing a

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