The End to a new beginning.

Gabriel's eyes seemed to be getting more violent as he approached the entrance of the house, and when he was finally a few distances away from the door, Gabriel spat on the ground in disgust when he smelled Dakar’s scent.

Anger then curled hot and unstoppable in his gut like a blazing inferno that wanted to burn him from the inside out when Gabriel sensed Selena inside the building.

Every emotion he felt from her caused his muscles to grow tense and his vein to bulge on his head. His pulse sped up and he was breathing shallow as he felt his blood boiling in his vein.

Gabriel then tried to get a hold of himself before going in. But the rage he felt had already devoured him and his inner alpha had him under its full control.

At that instant, the door opened, and the moment Gabriel saw the smirk on Dakar's face as he stood at the doorway, Gabriel grabbed him by the neck and ran him into the house and towards the wall. Then he smashed him into the concr

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