Ruthless Alpha and His Hard-Heart DAOB Wife
Ruthless Alpha and His Hard-Heart DAOB Wife
Author: Rever

Love and rejection

Today was Selena's first day visiting her boyfriend's home after being marked by him. They decided to meet at his place and discuss how to tell her father about their relationship.

Selena doesn't know if her family will accept him. However, he is the man she loves, and there is nothing they can do to keep them apart.

She will forsake everything and be with him if the day ever comes for her to choose between power and love.

Selena's driver stopped the car in her boyfriend's apartment driveway. She felt this chill running down her spine as she attempted to get out of the vehicle.

They have been dating secretly for two years. Selena was skeptical at the beginning of their relationship. There were reasons she could not trust and fall in love with him. But he did not give up on her.

He was so confident and honest when he talked with Selena. He did not care about how she was or her background. His compliments always made Selena smile. It worried him when she felt sick or did not take her umbrella to school on a rainy day. His packed lunches for Selena were adorable. However, what made her fall deeply in love with him was how he never quit caring and being there for her even when she drove him away.

Selena still had that nervous feeling when she stepped out of the car and stood at his front door. There was a piece of important information he needed to know, and she has been hiding it from him for two years now. Yet, that was not the reason behind her uneasy feelings. Once he marked Selena, they became empathetic. The anxious feeling that she was experiencing was not occurring in her but in him.

Selena unlocked the door with the spare key he gave her and entered. Everything seems organized in his living room. He is a neat freak and never loves for people to disarrange his stuff. Selena was his only exception.

He was not in the living room, so she checked the bedroom. His door was somewhat open, and noises were coming out.

"Something is not right," Selena told herself and peeped through the door.

He was on his bed, but the woman beside him was not her. Selena could not breathe.

'This isn't real!' She thought to herself.

However, the evidence was right before her eyes, and it was something that she could not wrap her head around.

"Zac! What are you doing with my cousin? Since when did Jin and you become so close to sharing a bed?" Selena cried.

Her eyes were full of tears, and she knew that the makeup on her face had gotten damaged. Selena felt hurt like he had crushed her heart into a million parts right before her eyes.

Zac did not show any uneasiness. His face was indifferent as stone. Selena has never seen this expression on his face since they were together.

The only emotion Selena could feel from him was hatred. His resentment for her felt so powerful that her heart and mind were in anguish.

"When were you going to tell me you are engaged to another dominant alpha? Selena, you understood from the beginning that your family would never accept this love, and you kept it to yourself. A base alpha like me can't succeed against a dominant alpha. Are you seeking to have me banished from the pack?" Zac said in a bitter tone.

After those words came out of his mouth, Selena could not sense any emotion coursing through her veins. There was no pain, resentment, or love in her heart for him. She felt numb, like a sedated person. However, Selena could feel his thoughts, and they seemed filled with greed.

"You are lying to me. Maybe if this event had happened before you bit me, I would have believed you. But now we are connected. I can feel every sentiment you are undergoing." She told Zac.

His expression following Selena's statement shocked her.

"What are you saying?" Zac asked Selena in a disturbed tone.

He looked confused and afraid at the same time.

"You marked me as a symbol of ownership. I am your mate, Zac. Your bite-mark grants me the ability to sense and understand your feelings. And the same goes for you." She informed him.

Zac stared at Selena intensely, almost like he was striving to feel her emotions. Zac kept gazing for about five minutes, then he froze.

"Ah, my head! It is not the same! I can sense nothing from you! All I get when I try is headaches. What kind of Omega are you?" Zac uttered slowly.

"That is not possible. Once you guys mate, Zac should be able to experience your feelings!" Jin said in confusion.

Selena stared at Jin's pretentious face with rage in her eyes. She was like a sister to her. Selena's dad took her mother in after their grandpa died and turned the family business over to her father. Jin is her aunt's daughter, and they grew up together like best friends after her mother moved in. Selena never thought Jin could stand this low and sleep with her boyfriend.

"Jin, this was your plan, wasn't it? What do you plan to gain out of this?" She questioned Jin with an ache in her voice.

"You are right, cousin. Your father is thinking about making you the head of the family business, which rightfully belongs to my mother. He is the youngest, yet our grandfather gave him the company because he is a male alpha. Once your father discovers the truth and the entire clan knows that you've become marked by a base alpha. He would feel displeased, and without a dominant alpha to support you, the CEO position will be mine." Jin boasted.

Selena could not believe that she let her guard down and lay in bed with a devil who serves her cousin. It was their plan all along, and Selena fell right into her trap. She felt enraged, but there was nothing that she could do.

Zac and Jin are alphas, and Selena is just an Omega.  Although she is one of the strongest Omegas disciplined by her father, the elder of the alpha clan, yet in this situation, Selena is just a rabbit among two huge foxes.

"Your cousin is telling you the truth. I never loved you from the beginning until now. If not for our plan to take over your father's business, why would I have to look at a weak Omega like you when I have an alpha as my girlfriend." Zac stated and passionately kissed Jin.

Selena felt sick to her stomach. Jin and Zac disgusted her, and she wanted to get out of there. She turned to leave, but his voice stopped her.

"You can't leave! I marked the wrong person. I need to cancel that mark on your neck before you can go." Zac said coldly.

Selena's body shivered from his remarks. She could feel the warm tears rolling down her chin.

"Jin, how can you be so despicable? You will not let me keep my dignity?" Selena asked her.

"Stop acting like a saint. You are shameless. I did not force you to fall in love with my boyfriend. Furthermore, you are behaving like I was the one who stole your partner. However, I feel sorry for you. Omega can only get marked by one alpha. Once an alpha marks, and later rejects his Omega, no other Alpha will want her or him. Even a dominant alpha will refuse you." Jin ridiculed her cousin.

"Zac, I am begging you. If you have any compassion left for me, please don't do this to me." Selena pleaded with him.

If Zac renounces Selena, her life is over. The elders may oust her from the clan. And worst of all, there will be no opportunity for Selena to have babies.

"An alpha can mark over one species. Allow me to go, and I promise to find a more powerful Alpha to erase your mark with his bite. Then we wouldn't be connected." Selena told him, hoping that he would be reasonable and let her leave. 

Despite Selena's plea, she did not feel any sympathy coming from him, only corruption and hate she could sense.

"Selena, if I let you go, the plans we have worked on for five years will get ruined. Now be an obedient girl. Don't move, it may burn, but I will do it swiftly." Zac said to Selena as he approached her.

Selena stood frozen. She was under an alpha command and had no control over her movement, and she could not run or scream.

The room felt dense, and the air was cold as he sunk his teeth into Selena's neck. She still cannot believe the same teeth that bit her as a symbol of love could do the same in the name of hate.

Two-bit marks opposite each other. One stands for love and the other for rejection.

"There is no coming back from this mess. I just need to figure out how to get my revenge." Selena told herself.

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