Strange feelings

"It's completed. Selena, you can move now." Zac said after he had withdrawn his teeth from her neck.

Selena sensed the deep pain gradually decline in her soul. It felt as though her body was healing itself.

When Zac had his teeth in Selena's flesh, her entire body felt like it was on fire. She wanted to cry carelessly from the torment she was going through. Yet Selena could not find the strength to allow herself to mourn. It was like a part of her did not desire to scream, no matter how intense the pain grew. All she could do was to allow her tears to pour.

Selena watched Jin standing by Zac's side and giggling from her suffering. She did not display any sympathy on her face. She stood by and allowed him to torture Selena with violence.

Zac didn't behave tenderly, like the manner he used the first time. Selena remembers him acting sympathetic with her and biting her passionately so that she could not undergo pain.

But at this moment, Zac was so aggressive that Selena could feel her blood flowing down her neck. She can still hear the exact words he said before biting her yesterday. "I love you. I choose you, Selena." It continues echoing in her ears every time the pain hits her heart when his teeth invade her skin.

"Selena,  this is what you get for living as your father's daughter. Don't condemn Zac or me. But blame yourself for being stupid enough to accept that true love exists. The fact that you are a dominant omega is your death sentence."  Jin teased Selena as she watched her wipe the blood off her throat.

"Zac doesn't adore you! He is merely another alpha who desires to experience the feeling of sinking their teeth into a dominant omega neck! I can imagine the hurt expression on your father's face when he hears that his precious daughter got disowned by a base alpha.  Hahaha! Thank you, Selena. Because of your stupidity, I can finally take the CEO position that rightfully belongs to me." Jin said with a sly grin.

Zac didn't say a word to Selena. After what he had just done to her, she assumed he would be celebrating with his girlfriend. But Zac was speechless. He sat on his bed and had his hands on his face.

If Selena had not experienced the pain he caused her, she would have presumed that Zac was feeling regretful for his actions. However, he was not hers to bother about now. What Selena craves presently is to make her cousin and ex-boyfriend experience double the anguish they have caused her.

"You are right, Jin. A powerful omega like myself should never have aimed so low and fallen in love with a base alpha. Yet, simply because I used to love Zac does not make me senseless. Instead, it made me the only sincere person in our relationships." Selena explained to Jin.

"Used to love? Remember, I am the one who renounced you. It's not the other way around!" Zac told Selena. There was so much rage in his voice that she couldn't recognize him at this instant. He seems so different from the man Selena had loved with all her heart.

"Sure, Zac. You and my cousin are a perfect match. I am happy that you are out of my life for good." Selena assured him. He did not react to her statement, but she felt glad that he shut up. Because every word Zac uttered was enraging and breaking her.

"Stop acting all high and mighty. Yes, you are from the original Omega root, which makes you compatible with any alpha. However, this recent event has made you a disowned omega that no alpha craves." Jin reminds Selena.

"She has always been envious of me. How could I be so blind to not reading the signs?"

Selena knew Jin's statements were true. However, she could not permit Jin to get the better of her. "You certainly know a lot concerning my life, Jin. Is this the reason you hate me? Because I am compatible with dominant alpha, and you remain restrained to low-class alpha. A base alpha like you and  Zac can never attract a dominant alpha no matter how hard you guys try." Selena said in a provoking tone.

That's how their species works. A dominant alpha can only mate with a dominant Omega or another dominant alpha. A dominant Omega like Selena can mate with any species. That's why dominant Omegas are rare and always in danger.

All base alphas have limitations on whom they can mate inside their society. A female base alpha can only mate with a base alpha or omega.  Male base alphas are subject to a dominant alpha.

"Slap!"  Selena felt the sharp pain from Jin slapped coursing through her skin. 

Alphas are the strongest among their species. Even base alphas can injure a dominant omega if they are not careful.

'I can't risk fighting her in my current state,' Selena warns herself.

Omegas are the weakest in their community. Nevertheless, Selena's dad taught her how to defend herself against any species. He has been training Selena since she was three. But one of his most valuable teachings was that Selena should always choose her battle wisely.

"Have fun now, Jin. Because after today, it will be your last chance to lay your fingers across my face. I need you to understand that I shall have my vengeance and retrieve everything you guys intended to take away from me." Selena notified her with a sly smile.

Jin didn't seem scared. Instead, she burst into laughter. Selena knew her cousin didn't grasp that the most destructive thing is a wounded animal. You can receive a pardon from a person who has something to lose.  But once you take everything away from them, there is no telling how far they will go to seize it back.

"I hope you both kill yourself before I have the opportunity to fulfill my intentions. At least that will save you guys from the trauma I have reserved for you!"  Selena told them and slammed the door behind her.

"Bang!" Selena did not stay for a second to figure out what was occurring when she overheard a loud noise coming from Zac's room. But it sounded like two great beings attacking each other. Selena sped to the front door and closed it after her.

Joe was waiting outside for Selena. She leaped into the car and told him to drive. Hearing the fright in her voice, he did not hesitate to pull out of Zac's driveway and get on the main road.

"Are you okay, madam?" Joe said as he watched Selena from the view mirror.

Selena was not okay. Something was occurring in her body, and she didn't understand what was happening to her. Selena had released her pheromones before the door got shut. She just wanted to upset Zac. But something else happened when she released it.

Selena felt this power rushing through her core. It was like something she had never experienced before. Deep down inside her, she knew that she had initiated something dangerous, but Selena could not lay her fingers on how or what she created.

"I  am not sure, Joe," Selena replied to him with honesty.

Changes were transpiring in her body. But she could not understand how and why they were happening. Selena also did not plan to let anyone be concerned about these developments until she found out what was transpiring.

"Where to, miss?" He asked as he continued to stare at her with a worried appearance from the car mirror.

Joe is an old alpha. Selena knew that he already recognized the fact that she had become a degraded omega. However, Selena felt safe knowing that he could be trusted.

Joe was her mother's driver. After Selena turned eighteen, he begged her father to be her driver. Joe would not tell Selena much about her mother. Although he always assured Selena that her mom entrusted her to him, and he has to keep her safe.

"Take me home. I want to spend my last peaceful moment at home before the terrors befall me." Selena instructed him.

"Pardon me, miss. But if an old alpha like me can smell the scent of rejection on you. Your father will notice the aroma. How about I take you to a hotel, and you can decide on how to handle the situation?" Joe advised.

His words were wise. But Selena perceives that if she is not at home before her cousin. The window for Selena to redeem herself before her father would be closed, and she doesn't think another one could open again.

"I can't risk my cousin reaching home before me. You know how she and her mother manipulate situations. They will use this chance to destroy my father's connection with me for good. If I am to win this war they have started, including getting my revenge on them, then I will need a dominant alpha on my side. And my father is the only alpha I know that could help me." Selena explained.

"I grasp what you are saying. But will your father choose you over his entire clan? You understand that if the distinctive families discover the truth, they will demand punishment for your action." 

"I just have to trust that my father loves me sufficiently to choose me above all other things," Selena murmured and closed her eyes.

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