Taking her home

Bob and the bodyguards return from the alley with a man wearing all-over black. They had handcuffs on his hands as he got dragged into one of their cars.

"We have apprehended the culprit, sir!" Bob reported when he retreated to Gabriel's side.

"Take him to the black site and make sure he talks by any means necessary." His master replied.

"I understand, boss!" Bob answered with a straight face. He did not know if returning to his boss's homeland was an excellent idea since this was the second incident that his master had encountered in a day.

Gabriel reached out his hands to take Selena off the ground when Bob intervened. He knew how much his master hated dirt.

"Sir, allow me to carry her. She is filthy and covered in blood. She doesn't deserve to get handled by you." Bob said.

Gabriel did not reply. Still, the anger in his eyes serves as a warning to Bob for him to shut up. His boss's eyes are light red, but when the alpha in him gets mad, it turns deep red. Bob saw that Gabriel's eye color had changed when his master gazed at him, and Bob avoided making any further statements.

Gabriel took out his coat and put it on Selena. He then took her in his arms and carried her toward his car.

Bob ran ahead of them, opened the door for his master, and waited on Gabriel. As Bob watches his master approaching the vehicle, he seems surprised that his master held on to this strange girl so tenderly. For all the years that Bob had watched his master grow into a man, Gabriel had always avoided filth and women. Today was the first time he had held a woman in his arms.

The bodyguard surrounded Gabriel as he placed Selena in the car and entered after her. Bob shut the door and sat in the front seat. When he looked in the view mirror, he could see Selena's head resting on his master's lap, and he felt more troubled.

"Sir, which hospital are we heading to?" The driver asked while he stood by for an answer.

"Honk!" Other vehicles kept blowing their honks as they waited for the black limousines to move forward. The eight bodyguards' automobiles could not drive off because their boss's vehicle had not made a move.

Everyone kept shouting, and some were cursing at them. Traffic police arrived at the scene and knocked on the glass.

"Step out of the vehicle! You have broken traffic rules, and I need to see your driver's license." The police officers announced.

"Sir, what should I do?" The driver asked Gabriel.

"We have little time to waste. Bob! Can you call the police director and ask him to tell his dogs to stand down?" Gabriel replied.

His butler made the call. Within two seconds, the police withdrew from the car window and left the scene.

" Now that our little misunderstanding with the officers has gotten handled. You can take us to my mansion. I despise hospitals!" Gabriel replies as he peeps at Selena's unconscious face.

The driver started the vehicle and drove off. His bodyguards pulled up after him. Traffic moves on, and the noise dies down.

Gabriel gazes at Selena and surveys her face. She appeared calm with her almond eyes, heart-shaped lips, Grecian nose, and fair skin.

"You have a modest appearance. So why am I affected by you? What's oddly unique about you that captivates me to support and shield you? It's like the alpha in me feels drawn toward you. These are the mysteries I need you to clarify when you wake up." He whispers in her ear as his finger caresses her hair and removes it from her face.

"Bob, call doctor Lee. Notify Lee that I want him at my residence within the next twenty minutes." Gabriel ordered.

The butler feels more worried now since his master was calling his family doctor to treat a rejected omega in his home hospital. If Bob did not know what kind of alpha his master is, he would have assumed that this strange rejected omega had bewitched his boss. He knew about omega attracting alpha with their aroma. However, Bob understood that Gabriel was not just a dominant alpha, but an original one, and he was the only one of his species existing now. So other species can not control him.

"Sir, doctor Lee is a very famous dominant alpha. He may feel offended if you ask him to treat a rejected dominant omega. Her class is now lower than the base alpha, omega, and Beta. Dr. Lee won't even attend to those base species, no less her." Bob replied.

He would not tolerate some rejected omega manipulating his master and wanted Gabriel to realize that an omega like her is below his standard.

'Who knows if she planned this entire incident to get Gabriel's attention? Many people had heard about his arrival in the country. It wouldn't be strange if she was one of those desperate omegas who get rebuffed by their alpha because of their unfaithful acts, and then they go seeking another more robust alpha to cover the bite mark. If she's one of them, then I pity her stupidity, because she will get killed before she can have her way with Gabriel.' Bob thought.

"Tell Lee if he's not at my home within the giving time, I will break his wing that makes him believe he can fly above my head." His master replied.

Although Gabriel spoke metaphorically, Bob knew his master would unquestionably make Dr. Lee a failure and degrade him if he did not comply.

"And Bob." Gabriel continued with his statement.

"Yes, Sir." His butler replied.

"If you don't discover serviceable words to say with your tongue, you might lose it one day." Gabriel cautioned his manservant.

" I will call doctor Lee right this instant!" Bob replied as he picked up his phone and dialed Dr. Lee.

"Thank you," Gabriel said as he watched Bob's hand tremble while he called the doctor. 

Gabriel did not know why he got harsh with his word toward his butler. Bob is like family to him, and at no point in time did he ever speak to him in that manner. But he sensed his inner alpha get violent at Bob when his butler indignity Selena, and he could not control it. Losing control of his internal alpha had never happened to him before meeting Selena.

"I can't wait to find out who you are and how you can control dominant alpha emotions like myself?" Gabriel uttered.

Selena appears harmless in his eyes when he looks at her, but Gabriel does not care about her innocent appearance. He concluded from his prior experience that the more righteous they seem, the more deadly they could be. So Gabriel was not planning on letting his guard down.

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