Fate to meet

Nineteen minutes later, Gabriel arrived at his villa. The cars got parked in the yard, and his bodyguards rushed out to provide cover for him. Bob hurried out of the front seat and opened the door for his boss.

"Sir, allow me to handle the girl." Bob requested.

Gabriel looks down at Selena, then brutally gazes at Bob. His butler read the signal and moved aside. Gabriel stepped down with Selena in his arms.

"Don't tell me what to do and what not to do again!" Gabriel told Bob as he walked past him. Gabriel's butler and guards followed him toward his house, where Dr. Lee was awaiting him on the balcony.

"I am glad that you did not bite more than you can chew, Lee!" Gabriel stated.

"Thank you, sir." Dr. Lee said with a bow. He remained in his position until Gabriel entered his home before Lee could follow in.

Gabriel's maid Janet, who had served the family for years, watched in shock as her young master held an unknown woman in his arms. She gazed at Bob, but his facial expression proved to her that this lady had an influential connection with their young master.

"Get the medical room ready for Dr. Lee. I need everyone in this household assisting him with whatever he needs because if she dies without me getting the answer I need, every one of you guys will accompany her to the grave." Gabriel announces.

The mansion became vociferous with footsteps. People kept running up and down to attend to their duties. Some of them did not have tasks to do, yet they didn't want to get caught standing and not working.

When the medical room got equipped for Dr. Lee to attend to Selena, Gabriel brought her in and laid her on the bed.

Bob watched from the glass window in anger. He could not accept the fact that the bed that had been used in the past to treat prominent alpha would get used in healing a disowned omega.

Dr. Lee examined Selena's injuries and concluded how serious her wounds were.

"She has a grade three concussion. However, she does not require surgery. But I still need to attend to the wound behind her head, and it will take some time for her to wake up." Dr. Lee explained.

Gabriel gazes at Selena's face one last time before walking out of the room. He did not want to get attached to her. Yet, his inner alpha could not allow him to go far away from her.

Gabriel stood outside the room and leaned against the walk. With every passing second, his internal alpha becomes restless. He kept pacing back and forth as he angrily gazed at his watch.

All the pacing was making Bob dizzy. He felt glad when Gabriel got approached by one of the bodyguards. The guard whispers into his young master's ear.

"Eli, stay here and inform me when she wakes up. Bob, follow me!" Gabriel ordered.

"Yes, boss!" Eli replied and took his post at the door.

Bob saw that Gabriel's eyes had turned dark red, and he knew that blood was involved in what they were about to do.

"Sir, is there a problem?" He asked his young master.

Gabriel tapped Bob on the shoulder and gave him a ruthless smile.

"Our little friend we picked up today got his tongue-tied. So I am going to help him release it. Ha! Fun, right?" He replied.

Bob trembles from how cold Gabriel's tone sounded. He felt better knowing that he was on his young master's safe side.

Gabriel wore his mask and headed down to the basement with Bob by his side. They arrived at the prison door, and Gabriel pushed it open. "Bang!" His force sent the door crashing against the wall. The sound made everyone's attention focus on the entrance.

Gabriel's bodyguards bow as he steps into the cell. With swollen eyes, a broken nose, and a bloody mouth, the prisoner gazes at Gabriel and spits at him.

"I'm not telling you sh*t!" He screams.

Gabriel sighed, removed his coat, and handed it over to Bob. He rubbed his nose and sniffed, then rolled up his sleeve and cunningly smiled.

"Well, we can always do it the more solid way, maybe that will make you talk or not. However, I must warn you. I don't hate torturing you. So I may torture you all day." Gabriel replied.

He picked up a pair of brass knuckles and wore them on his fingers, then walked closer to the prisoner. Gabriel lifts the guy's head and giggles.

"I can tell you that this will hurt you more than you think it would, but you can tell me who asked you to exterminate her, and I may let you go. Huh!" He uttered.

The guy struggles in the seat, then pull the rope, tying both his hands together.

"Go to hell!" He yells with fear in his eyes.

Gabriel giggles and gazes at Bob, then at the guards. He licks his lip before punching the guy in his left jaw, then the right, and the stomach.

"Cough!" The man started spluttering blood.

"I can't go to hell without getting the answer I need from that lady, and if there is someone out there who wants to kill her, then I need to know their names. Can we try this again? Who wants her dead?" Gabriel requested.

"If you are not ready to go, then I am prepared to go hell and wait for you there. Haha haha! Cough!" The guy mumbles.

"Okay, then! We are going to level up now!" Gabriel replied.

He took off the knuckles from his bloody finger. Bob took out a handkerchief and handed it to his young master. "Thanks, Bob," Gabriel said as he wiped the blood.

"I have high respect for you for taking my punch like a real dominant alpha and for trying to keep your client information a secret. However, I am a man who hates to get disrespected by a low-class animal like you." Gabriel stated. He put his hands behind his head and unfastened his mask.

"Sir! You can't do this. At least not two times in one day, please." Bob pleaded.

Gabriel gazed at his butler. At that moment, Bob noticed that his young master's eyes had turned blood-red, and he knew it was too late to take him out of it.

"Be an obedient boy and tell your master what he needs to know!" Gabriel roars.

Bob and the bodyguards shut their eyes instantly. Yet they still felt a piercing headache from their boss's power.

The guy screamed. He cried so loud as his head would explode. It took about three minutes for him to calm down.

"I don't know her name or how she looks. But I know that she is the daughter of the "black dragon gang" leader. No one knows who their master is or their leader's gender. She only calls me when she needs me to do her dirty jobs. That's the truth! I swear." The prisoner explained.

Gabriel frowned when he heard the name "Black Dragon Gang." He turned to Bob and could tell that his butler seemed worried too.

"See! That wasn't hard!" Gabriel replied. He took his coat from Bob and wore it. He and his butler were about to leave when they got stopped.

"Wait! You are the son of Ace. Your father was an original alpha and the master of the White Tiger Gang, right? If I am correct, then you are now their leader, and the only original alpha because your parents have died." The guy asked, knowing that only an original dominant alpha can control a dominant alpha.

He felt bewildered and astounded at the same time. He could not believe Ace's son was alive because the last he heard, the entire family got killed by the Black dragon leader.

"You are correct. Brax! Please cut his tongue out and allow him to choke on his blood for pronouncing my father's name with his filthy mouth." Gabriel replied and walked out.

"Ahhhh..." was the last sound Bob heard before shutting the basement door. He follows his young master back to the medical room.

"I have completed her treatment for today, and I'm convinced she will wake up within a few hours from now. I beg to take my leave now." Dr. Lee said.

Gabriel nodded his head. Dr. Lee left the room and shut the door, leaving him alone with Selena. Gabriel dragged a chair and sat down next to her.

"I don't know who you are. However, it seems like fate wanted us to meet. Since you are the enemy of my enemy, that makes you my friend." He whispered into her ears and smirked.

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