Friends becomes enemies

An hour passed, "Knock!" Bob tapped on the medical room door before entering. He met Gabriel sleeping. His young master's head was relaxing on the bed beside Selena with his body bent over as he held her hand.

"Sir," Bob gently called.

Gabriel opened his eyes after the fourth call. He sleepily gazes at his butler before lifting his head and unbending back into the chair.

"You better have a good reason for disturbing my sleep, Bob. Because if you don't, I wouldn't mind you watching me sleep for three nights."  Gabriel utters.

Bob stepped back a little and wept the sweat off his forehead even though the air conditioning was on. He realized that his young master had been regularly getting enraged since he met Selena, and Bob thought it fit to behave until he could figure out the reason behind his boss' rage.

"I promise it is!" Bob replied. He approached Gabriel and gave him a cell phone.

"What is this? Gabriel asked as he scrolled through the device.

"We when through the fellow phone and saw this text message. It looks like the gala you got invited to, is the same party Black Dragon Gang Leader's daughter will be attending." Bob replied.

Gabriel scrolled down to the last text, and it read, "I've been calling you, but you are not answering. I am getting ready to attend the 'stalwart celebration,' and if I don't hear that my cousin is dead within the next twenty-four hours, you will be a lifeless man.'

The phone fell out of Gabriel's hand as he stood up from the chair and gazed at Selena. "Cousin! Hahaha, how can I be foolish? I allow a descendant of the black dragon gang to lie in the same bed that my parents laid in." He cried.

His eyes became wet, and his fist folded in anger. Gabriel punched the night lamp on the table, and glass pieces shattered into his skin. "Ah!" He roared. The sound echoed into the wall.

"Bob! Get some guards to take her out of here and dump her in a prison cell. Tell them to cuff her hands and double security in the area so she can't escape." Gabriel sternly ordered.

"Yes, sir!" Bob replied. He was glad to see that his young master's eyes were finally open, and he was back to himself.

"Get the car ready for me!" Gabriel stated. He angrily marched out of the room with blood dripping out of his hands, messing up the floor.

Bob hurried after him. "Sir, where are you heading?" He asked when he caught up with his young master.

"I have a fitting appointment. I can't meet my worst enemy without wearing the best outfit." He stated before entering his room and slamming the door shut.

"Bump!" "Chink!" "Clack!" "Crash!" "Clunk!" "Clink!" various noises began echoing from Gabriel's room. The entire household became silent. His workers trembled with every sound that vibrated through the mansion.

Gabriel was throwing everything that his hands could touch and lift, at the wall. He was mad at himself, not because he helped Selena, but because he still wants to care for her and protect her, even after finding out she was a relative of the person that assassinated his parents in cold blood.

Janet entered the medical room and compassionately gazed at Selena. She put the bowl of warm water in her hands down on the stool and dipped a washcloth in it.

"You pitiful girl, look how bloody your body is, let me help clean you up," Janet said as she began wiping up Selena's body.

"Poor child, I don't know if meeting the young master is a curse or a fortune for you. The master is a gentleman. But too much has happened to his wretched heart to make him care for anyone except for his revenge. He has lost his soul in seeking to get vengeance for his parents. You were the first woman to make him worry." Janet stated as she cleaned the blood from Selena's face.

"Bang!" The door suddenly flew open, and Bob came in with a bunch of bodyguards.

"Take her out of here and throw her in the filthiest jail like the trash she is!" Bob ordered.

The guards follow his command and pull the equipment off Selena. They started unplugging and removing everything apart.

"What are you guys doing? She is the boss's guest! You can't treat her in this manner!" Janet cried.

However, none of the bodyguards were listening. They dragged Selena off the bed and onto the ground. Janet rushed to help Selena, but she got pushed aside.

"Stop what you are doing Janet, this rejected omega does not deserve your sympathy, and she is no guest of our boss!" Bob announces.

Although the butler had told Janet that Selena had fallen out of favor with their boss, she still felt sad about how this young lady got treated.

"But she is still injured. Can't the young master forgive her for now until she heals?" Janet begged.

The guards recklessly picked Selena off the floor and carried her out of the room.

"A maid beta like you doesn't tell her master what to do. Remember that, Janet." Bob replied before slamming the door, leaving Janet alone in the room.

Bob and the guards carried Selena into the basement, down its staircase, and tossed her into a small room. There were dead rats and rotten smells in the cell.  A gross bed lay in the corner of the room, that's where they place Selena and handcuff her.

After they got done settling Selena in the cell, Bob left the bodyguards behind and went to get the car ready for Gabriel to use.

"Son! Don't eat the food! It has been drugged!"


"Mom! Dad! Why are you guys acting sick!"


"Gabriel, run!"


"Run, son!"


"What are you doing to my mom and dad?!"


"Mom! Dad! No! No, don't die, please...!"


"Stay away from me, you monster!"


"You killed my parents! You are a monster! Stay away from me now...!" Gabriel screamed and struggled in his sleep.

"Knock!" Bob tapped on the door after he had gotten the vehicles ready. A few minutes passed, and Gabriel's room door opened.

"What do you want, Bob?!" Gabriel angrily asked.

Bob took one look at his master and knew something was off. "Sir, is everything okay?" He asked.

"I had that stupid dream again!" Gabriel replied as he allowed his butler inside.

"The one about your parents getting murdered?" Bob stated while walking behind his young master.

Gabriel stopped, and Bob bumped into him. He turned around with rage in his eyes and could tell that his butler was shaking in his boots.

"Do you know any other stupid dream that has been haunting me over the years?" Gabriel asked.

"No, sir!" Bob said without a second to spare.

The force in the atmosphere was tense, and being in Gabriel's room was the last place Bob wanted to be at that moment. He could feel the suppression from his young master's power surging in his body more than average, and Bob knew something was still not right with his boss.

"Why are you here? If it is about the omega, I don't want to hear." Gabriel stated as he took a seat and gazed up at his butler, who was nervously standing like a sculpture.

"Sir, the cars are ready," Bob announced.

Upon hearing his butler's report, Gabriel stood up, removed his coat, and threw it on the bed. Bob stood there, watching his young master get changed.

Gabriel was about to pull off his shirt when he noticed Bob standing there staring at him. "Do you want to help me take off my clothes?" He said.

"No, sir!" Bob answered. He turned around and hurried to the door. Bob shut the door, but not before his eyes caught a glance of Gabriel's muscular back with a deep scar on it.

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