Breaking the Curse and the Three Witches

Marie PoV

I couldn't sleep tonight why? There's something in my ears, a voices claiming something inside me. Forcing me to go outside in the black shade of the night. I was like asleep but awake. My mind was full of dreams which I couldn't understand. I saw a girl, a young beautiful woman, her eyes, so mesmerising and captivating. 

She's looking at me and smiling. " Sister Marie?" She was confused calling out my name. I was stammered. I'm stuck in my bed, froze and togue tied. 

My breathing became heavy and I'm waiting for someone to wake me but nothing even troubled to wake me up. I tightly squeezed my hands in fist and bit my lower lip to woke up from this nightmare. 


" Isabelle?" I screamed her name. I saw Victor who was soundly sleeping next to me. I'm not in mood to go back to sleep again. 

" Help me!" A whispering voice of

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