Breaking the Beast Curse

" arrrghhhh!" Damon howled in agony. Lucifer, one of the six demons did the first blow. 

Marie came in rescue and helped Diana. She brought her to where her mother and the Beast are standing. 

" Thank you!" Diana said with a relief on her face.

Marie gaze at her and wanted to asked about her sister Isabelle. Maybe she was her or her reincarnation? She thought about it. 

" Ahm, can I ask you something?" She said keeping her eyes to a wounded beast. 

" Are you Isabelle?" She saw her took a second glance to Martha. 

" Me?, mom, Isabelle was my grandma's name right?" She told her mother and Martha set a glance at Marie. 

She turned to face her personally. 

" Yes, She's my mother, why? How do you know her?" Martha asked her but Marie burst into tears.

She cried to know that her sister got a good daughter and a lovely granddaughter. If our father didn't disposed her away from us, maybe we're

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