A blissful entrance

Chapter 2


Diana pov

" shit! What was this feeling?", I mumbled.

I felt something weird going on in my body. I felt it inside me connecting through my inner core. I ran as fast as I could looking for a girl's restroom.

" Found it!", I said. I immediately find an empty cell inside and quickly pulled my tight skirt up and straightly moved my hands at the hemline of my undies down to where my g-spot is located." I'm hot now Diana! Let Tore enters inside your mind and body", said the whispering voice from my head." Gosh what was this?", as I'm trying to calm myself but this demon within me was very strong. I think she's possessing me to access her goal. I think I was being controlled by some strong entity.

"To mate with the demon longing for me and my playmate since I was a little girl called "Tore".

My fingers almost there beneath my entrance ready to move in. I gasp for air as I grinned my waist above the toilet bowl together with my busy fingers like I was typing on a computer keyboard.

Tore was here...he's on my mind, controlling my sanity into a keen human craving demon in sexual activity.

I feel like I'm in my deep sleep making love with him. As I began enjoying the pleasure I'm giving to my own body... I will tell you it's very risky for me to stop. why?

" Because the demoness within me was very powerful".

He's giving me more sexual excitement which makes me feel weak and restless.

Tore is now making his way into my pleasurable part of my womanness. I can feel his enticing hands moving playfully tracing every part of my sweet spot on my body especially when he whispered something in my ear. 

"thrust your finger more baby", faster! Like that more!!! 

Oh shit, I'm following his every command inside my body.

" This drives me crazy", I imagined my self floating above the sky like I'm in heaven.

I moaned softly from the unbearable sensual enjoyment I am making right now.

Then I moaned more as he continues thrusting his sexual object inside me but I'm the one doing it with my fingers.

Again..." feel your bust with your one hand! He makes another command again inside my head.

As his slave, I trail my soft left fingers right under my thin white blouse while my opposite is busy digging in and out from my bottom part.

" cupped and press it now! He said again.

I did what he ordered to me... to my breast and my sexual area. I moved faster letting my body burst into flames of pleasure until I reached the peak...

" I'm coming", I moaned softly with my eyes closed.

And let my bottom fluid comes out from my body with a giggling reaction.

"you're my slave now and forever " he left the words from my ear and let my normal me back again in reality.

I almost jumped in shock when I saw myself inside the bathroom almost naked and full of wetness under me like I was banged with four hot guys.

The bell rang...

"OMG I'm late in my first subject.", I exclaimed and I quickly fixed myself and start to run as fast as I could.


Damon pov

My face was plastered with an evil smile after I did my first ever mind-controlling the ability of this young woman.

It was the best sex I had since Isabelle died. I missed her so much but it's okay I had another version of her. She's my slave now!

I check my watch and when I check Prof. Dan's belongings I found his first-day schedule. My class will start at seven and my first subject is Mythology. Before I walked straight to my class I managed to take a peek at a moaning lady inside the restroom. I heard her last moaned and it adds energy inside me. The more I mate with her the more alive I become.

While on my way to the school hallway in the peripheral part of my eye I caught an unusual activity near the storage area. I wandered my eyes on the area and it was a vampire-like me. 

Anyway, I'm a hybrid type of vampire. I was the one who left our race. Everyone died when a vampire hunter named Steven executed them all. I was the one who killed him. Too bad he didn't manage to survive. He thought I was already dead by cutting my head with his silver dagger and pierced my heart with it but I was cunning. I outwitted him and I never gave him a chance to fight back. I was fast and strong. Anyway, it's a long story.

He was dragging a young lady maybe she was a student here. She was like a paper, it looked like he drained her by sucking her blood all the way.

I ignored the gruesome scene I just witnessed. Nobody noticed the crime because everyone was busy with their schedule and besides all the students here didn't care. For them mind your own business. I was in my white t-shirt and slacks with a pair of black shoes. I think it's a way too formal outfit for me but I had no more choice. Every student I met within the hallway was all waving at me, simply proposed a good morning sir greeting, other girls giggled as if they saw an actor and some girls simply winked at me. As a good professor, I gave them my best smile and humble spirit. 

What could I say professor Dan was like a God falling from heaven and made everyone lured for his Godlike manliness and beauty.

I smirked as I recalled the moment I made love with Diana awhile ago. It was pleasurable. Sooner or later she will be the one who begs for my touch and orgasm.

Ps. Diana Scott is a mortal. 

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