Sickening Nightmares and An Invited Visitor

Chapter 19

Diana pov

"What the hell was that? I had sex with Alexer but it was in my dream only.

How come? It feels like the lovemaking we made was real. I'm lying in my bed biting my middle finger purposely while looking at the ceiling of my room.

I just came home and Alexer bid goodbye to me when we started to have separate ways of going home.

I bit my lower lips intimately after reminiscing those sexual moments we had in my dream. I naughtily giggled to myself. "Gosh! What's with me?", I said.

Alexer is the guy whose behavior was the opposite of his little brother. He looks cool like him and manly but his eyes are kinda different from Thamer. When I look closely at him he seems like he's hiding something or looking for something. He was in a hurry I guess because he never really mind talking to me for a conversation. He'

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