The demon son

Chapter 20

Lyka pov(flashback)

I'm sitting in my rocking chair while resting my right hands above my round belly.

I gently move my hands to touch the skin of my tummy where my baby is hiding inside to grow like a normal boy.

I wish that he would be like his brother Alexer because when I close my eyes all the secrets I was keeping in myself turned back in my mind and it makes me go insane.

The day where that monster raped me, was the day I buried myself but for the sake of one living inside of me,  I'm still here fighting for his future once I give birth anytime soon.

I took a deep breath to relax but I almost drop the rosary that I'm gripping in my hands when I heard a loud sound in the backyard.

I help myself up from the rocking chair to check who made those sounds. <

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