The Bloodsucker

Chapter 22

Steph pov

I'm still in my room and I'm not making any single move after he left. 

I'm still thinking of the glass of blood I drunk awhile ago. I can't imagine that he killed my best friend Drake and gave me his blood.

He's a good liar. This vampire guy, who's one of the professor's Damon followers. 

I could feel that my best friend is still alive. He would do anything to save me. I went to look for him in their house but he's not there. I'm positive that he's alive, looking for a cure to put me back to mortal but even myself don't know what to look. I scared him a little but he would never leave me whatever the outcome is. 

I felt my throat was dry again. I got up from the floor to get a glass of water in the kitchen. I gently open the refrigerator and hell what I saw I thought this is just a dream but I saw a

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