The Vampire met the Hunter

Chapter 26

Yesterday's was a lot of pressure for Thamer. He kidnapped Diana in her house and brought her home. He let her stay inside his bedroom. He let her take a rest and he makes sure to it that she's safe in his care. After the wake of his nanny Pili, Mr. Felix Reid went back to his business. As usual, he didn't have much time to look for his kids. He just gave them their ATM card if they need to buy anything or to pay their tuition fees. Sometimes Thamer wanted to ask his father about the nature of his business but every time he's making an intro about it, his father always making an excuse to avoid it. Sometimes he's thinking maybe his father was involved in a dirty kind of business. 


Thamer woke up to the sounds of someone's voice. He sleep on the floor last night and Diana sleep on his bed. He's not yet fully awake and still adjusting his ey

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