When a Cambion fell in love

Chapter 34

Graphic content:

Diana couldn't get enough. She wanted more of Thamer's blood but he let it go. "Stop! You sucks too much blood from me!" He said and her gaze to him  changed. She looked like a little puppy calling for his attention. Thamer tap her head like a kitten and he lifted her chin. Their eyes met and an electrifying sensation ran through their veins down to their inner part. Thamer cupped her face, studying every details of her cheeks, lips, eyes and nose. He wanted to remember all of it when he's already gone. 

"You know that I like you, right?" he told her while their face are just inches away from each other. Diana nod her head as a sign of approval. They could hear the pumping sounds of each others heartbeat. It's like someone was drumming inside. It's getting louder when their lips almost touched one another. Diana closed her eyes waiting for him to do the first move. Thamer moved hi

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