August Rain: A Mafia Trinity Novel
August Rain: A Mafia Trinity Novel
Author: J. Tarr
1. Do I Need To Go?

“Mother, what is the meaning of this?” Elizabeth peered at the delicate deep lilac evening gown her mother just presented to her. “It’s for you, dear. Tonight you’ll attend a ball at Dereon Hall,” her mother said with a devious glint in her eye that she did not like. When Agnes White put her mind to something, there would be no persuading her otherwise.

“Why wasn’t I informed about this before? This is rather sudden!” Elizabeth exclaimed, jumping up from her bed. Agnes looked at her with disdain. “You will not speak to me in that tone,you ungrateful child,” her mother sneered. “this ball will have August Dereon, the country’s most eligible bachelor, present and rumour is he’ll be choosing a bride! Who could be more ideal than my lovely daughter?”

Elizabeth looked at her mother in surprise. “An arranged marriage? Is that not a little medieval, mother?” She said incredulously as she shook her head, not believing what she was learning. Of all the underhanded things her mother has put her through in the past, this was by far the lowest. Attempting to marry her off for personal gain!

“Not at all. This will benefit our family well,” Agnes replied. “The Whites and Dereons are two of the country’s most esteemed families, so it’s only natural that you end up with the only Dereon Heir. It’s all up to you tonight, Elizabeth You need to land August Dereon and make me proud.” Elizabeth stared at her mother, not knowing what to think or answer to that.


“Come now, get dressed. The make-up artist and hairstylist will be here in 10 minutes.” Agnes interjected her protest before leaving the room.

Elizabeth stared at the space her mother had just occupied and sighed in defeat. “Mother, this is your lowest blow.” she murmured to nobody in particular and sauntered towards the evening gown laid on her bed. “Land August Dereon? No one even knows what he looks like!” She said, exasperated, while picking up the evening gown in her hands. What’s the worst that could happen tonight, anyway?

She walked towards her bathroom so she could freshen up before her entourage was expected to arrive. After 23 years of living under her mother’s thumb, Elizabeth knew the time would come where she would be able to stand up to her mother. After everything she has been through, you would think Agnes White would be a bit more sympathetic towards her only daughter. As it turns out, her mother only despised her more each day, at least that was how it appeared to her. So she would go through with Agnes's plans, because her guilt over the past forever shackled her to her mother.

But could she ever forgive herself?

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