Alpha's human mate
Alpha's human mate
Author: Roelien

Chapter 1

Emelia POV

"So we are still leaving in a week?" Ann asks without even looking up from my piles of clothes. She is helping me pack all my stuff for university.

"Yes, we are. We need to get there and settle in. I want to be ready once university start."

"Well, all I know is we are going to all the parties on and off-campus. Its time you become a proper woman and lose that V card of yours." Ann winks at me.

I feel my cheeks turn red. "Will you lower your voice? If my parents hear you, I won't even be allowed to go to university. And you know by now that isn't my top priority right now. I just want to have fun without my parent being there to dictate my every move"

"I know it's just, I am not a virgin anymore and believe me you will love it once the pain is gone. Yes, I also know you want to wait for marriage and be sure the guy loves you, but you won't buy a car before test-driving it. And how will you know he is the best if you have no reference."

"That is how you see sex. You just compared it to buying a car? I'm not marrying a guy because he is good in bed. I will only marry a guy, once I know I love him, and he loves me."

"Well just think about it OK. I have got to go home. Not that I want to but I also have a lot of packing to do. Remember we are going shopping tomorrow. Love you."

And without waiting for me to reply, she is gone.

Let me introduce myself. I'm the type of girl that is a closet romantic. I have been reading romance novels since I could start reading. This is the only way I can escape my life. I have the strictest parents you will ever meet. I'm turning 18 in a few days and never been to a party or even been kissed. That will all change once I start university in a few weeks. Luckily my best friend Ann has been accepted into the same university. Yes, Ann my best friend, the wild child between us. We have been friends since kinder garden and my life would be so dull without her.

That night I lay in bed thinking about what Ann said. What will my first time be like? Every girl wishes her first time will be special. I look at the clock on the wall. It's almost 2 am. I need to sleep. I'm going shopping tomorrow even thou I hate shopping.

I wake up with a loud bang and looked at the time, it's only 7 am. "Come on Emelia time to wake up. I have something special for you." My mother Amanda Clark was what you call a trophy wife. The only problem was, we don't have money. I stand up and went to brush my teeth and put on makeup. I dressed in some black ripped jeans and a red tank top.

"Morning Mother."

"I am glad you put on some makeup. Don't want people to think you homeless. Why can't you wear a dress? You look so pretty wearing dresses."

Like I said a trophy wife. All the decisions are made based on what people will think. And hear favorite words....

"You won't get a good husband if you don't wear dresses."

And there it is. I have been told that since I was 5years old.

"Mother you said you have something special for me. What is it? I have to call Ann, we are leaving in about 20min to go to the mall." It's only 7:40, but she doesn't have to know I am only leaving at 9.

"O yes. Well, your dad gave me this box to give it to you. He said it will help you during university."

"Thank you." I open the box and inside there is a key. OMG, it's a car key.

"You know Emelia, I don't know why your father just gave you a car we cannot afford it anyway."

I ignore her and run outside and in our driveway is a Blue Honda civic 2000 model. It's old but it's perfect.

My phone rings. "Hey, Emelia are you awake."

I can't control myself and start to scream.

"Wow, my ears. What happened why are you so happy this morning?"

"Ann dad bought me a car"

"Your dad brought you a car? Did I hear you correctly?"

"YES, MY DAD BOUGHT ME A CAR," I screamed into the phone.

"I'm on my way."

I'm walking around my new car. I hear a car in the distance, once I look up I see my dad. I run towards him, but the look in his eyes made me stop. My dad was a military type of man. He never shows any emotion. His eyes were always cold.

"Emelia, don't run like that. A Lady doesn't run."

"Yes, father. I was just excited about the car and wanted to thank you."

"Just remember, this is your car you're paying for the gas and insurance. I am already going to pay for your college. You need a job once you get settled in the dorm rooms. "

"Yes, father." Why was he always so cold towards me? I am after all his only daughter. He always makes me feel like I'm a burden. I wait awhile outside until I hear Ann's car and before she can climb out of her car, I'm already in the passenger seat.

"Wait' I wanted to look at your new car Em."

"Please just drive I don't want to be here anymore. What's the chance of us moving to the university faster?"

"What happened? You were so happy just a few minutes ago?"

I just look at her and then out the window. Ann knows most of what I endure with my parent, but I think I need to keep this to myself.

The day went faster than I expected. We are currently in forever 21. I make a mental note of what I still need. I need new makeup and toothpaste.

"Em, what do you think of this?"

I look towards Ann and in her hands, she has a red and gold bra and panty set.

"O, they would look nice on you Ann"

"O no Em, they are for you when you lose your v."

"Why are you so obsessed with my virginity? And no I can't afford that. You know my parent didn't give me much money."

"I will buy it for you don't stress." She said ignoring my question about her obsession.

We have been in the mall for 6hours. I don't understand how time flies so fast. We need to go home I need to pack the things we got today. And to cross all the things that I no longer need to buy. I can't wait for my new chapter to begin.


Hey guys I am beginning to edit my books and correct all my grammar and spelling mistakes. Thank you all for reading my books. Book1: The Alpha's Human Mate. Book2: The werewolf and his princess. Book 3: Traveling the world to find my mate

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