Chapter 3

Emelia POV

I jump into the shower and wash my hair. I have about an hour to get ready for work. We finished unpacking at 12. I thought we had more stuff. I get out of the shower and start putting on my makeup. I decided to go with only light makeup that brings out the jade in my eyes.

Ann left to familiarize herself with the town, so we don't have to stop strangers on the street for directions.

Keegan and I have been chatting since this morning. I can see we will become good friends. He is quite handsome with his black hair and blue eyes. He is funny and caring. Maybe in the future, we can become more, but first, we need to get to know each other. Ann already thinks Keegan has a crush on me, but it's too soon to tell.

I walk to the closet and put on my blue and green floral maxi dress with my blue pumps. I'm going to be on my feet the whole day so, high heels won't cut it, even if I will look hot. I blow dry my hair. It hangs loosely over my shoulders in long waves. Ann always said, she is in love with my hair. With a last look into the mirror, I decided it's now or never. I take my purse and a jacket before leaving the dorm room to go to my car.

I walk into the restaurant and see a waitress leaning onto the wall near the cash register.

"Afternoon I'm looking for Keegan?" She looks at me like I'm the most disgusting woman on earth and I can't comprehend why.

"O dear not another one. Look, little girl, I don't think Keegan will be interested in seeing you so just turn around now and leave."

I look at her in confusion and then it clicked. She is jealous and thinks I was looking to hook up with Keegan.

"O no. You have it..."

Before I can finish my sentence, I hear Mr. Williams voice behind me.

"Emelia you made it. I see you met Amber. Amber this is Emelia she is starting today. Is Keegan here? I asked him to come in early today, so he can show Emelia the ropes."

"No sorry Mr. Rave I haven't seen him yet." Amber answers looking towards the ground. I can see she is embarrassed.

"I'm here uncle Rave." I Keegan's voice behind me and all eyes turn towards him.

"Listen here, boy. Just because your family doesn't mean you can be late."

"I'm not late uncle."

Mr. Williams turns around with a frown and just walk towards the office. Keegan takes me by the hand and starts pulling me towards a room that looks like a locker room.

"So Mr. Williams is your uncle." I try to start the conversation.

"So I see you met Amber." He tries to change the subject and I let him. I can see the pain in his eyes.

"Yeah, she is nice," I reply sarcastically.

"What did she tell you?" He asked amused.

"She told me to stay away and you will never be interested in me."

"Don't ever listen to Amber. She does that every time I have a girlfriend. She is totally in love with me and doesn't get that she is not my type."

"Don't worry about it. I kind of got the jealousy vibe. I don't let things like that worry me."

"Good. Let me explain everything. If you don't understand anything or I'm going to fast just stop me OK?"

"OK, I get it."

"This here is the staff locker room. This one is yours, of course, you need to supply your lock. The staff bathroom is the door next to the locker room. Our uniforms are black pants or skirts and a clear white shirt. No picture or words is allowed. Today you will be overseen since you didn't know. We also provide the red apron that you wear. Here are your order book and a pen. Uncle Rave provides the stationary. You get three 10 minute breaks during your shift. If you smoke you're only allowed to smoke during those 10 minute, tell me do you know how a cash register work?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then we can skip that. We don't have sections here. The way we work is if you seat a customer they're yours. Remember to take a menu home so you can learn the numbers of food. We only write the number that way we don't go through so many papers. And remember to write down the table number and your name so that the kitchen staff knows who the order belongs too. Once you receive the order, you place it into that box. Here is your dinger. Once your order is done the kitchen staff will press a button in the kitchen and your dinger vibrates that is why the staff needs your name. Any questions?"

"Yes, I do. How does the salary work here?"

"Uncle Rave will discuss your salary with you. We work for a salary and tips. Your salary is paid on the last day of the month. Tips you take home every night if its cash. If it was paid with a card, you get it at the end of the month with your salary. Any other questions?"

"Yes, where is my apron so that I can begin."

"Damn your eager. Well let's go but you will only observe today."

My first shift went fast. Luckily we had no rude customers and that is always a plus. During my shift, Mr. Williams has asked us if we can stay after we closed he needs to make an announcement. Most of the people I work with are so nice they invited me to have a drink with them after work. I asked if Ann can come with and when they said yes I agreed and texted Ann that we are going out with the gang. I already see Ann's car outside. Amber also hasn't even looked my way since she showed me the green monster inside of her.

We closed about 5 min ago and I see Mr. Williams walks towards us.

"Quite down guys. Since I'm getting old I have decided that I'm going to need 2 managers one for each shift. I'm going to look at your performance for the next month. Keegan, you will not be in the running since you will be the owner once you finish your studies. You may leave now. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Emelia, please stay behind for one sec."

Everyone cleared out of the restaurant. Once it just me and Mr. Williams left he starts talking.

"Emelia I realize that we haven't spoken about your salary. I'm so sorry if Keegan didn't remind me I would have forgotten. I pay my waiting staff $8 an hour plus tips. After your 3 months, the probation period is finished your salary will be $10 an hour. You work Monday to Friday. Weekends you're off since most of my night staff is in the university I understand you need downtime. I will have your clock card ready, I will also print your name for your dinger in the kitchen by end of business tomorrow. You will need to give me your full name, ID number, and account number, so I can draw up your employment contract."

"I will have all the information ready for you at the start of my shift tomorrow Mr. Williams."

"You may leave dear. And please call me uncle Rave or just Rave. Mr. Williams makes me feel old."

"Will do uncle Rave. Have a good evening. See you tomorrow."

With a smile and the last wave I leave. I see Keegan waiting outside for me next to Ann.

"Come on the others have already left for the bar."

I motion Ann to follow me and Keegan. We arrive at the bar about 5 min later. You can hear the music outside the building. Once we step into the bar you can see the flashing lights and the smoke machine. I look to my left and see the dance floor already packed with people dancing. To my right is the bar.

"Em going dancing can you please get me a coke and bottled water?"

"What no drinking? You look like a party girl." Keegan asks smiling at Ann.

"First Keegan I sometimes drink, only at parties where they don't ask you how old you are and second you saw I was driving and I don't drink when I have to get myself home safely. I don't want to kill myself just yet. I love life too much." And with that, she disappears towards the dance floor.

"Damn she is sassy!" Keegan sounds amused.

"Yeah since I have known her. Let's go get the drinks and go search for our colleagues. Ann will find us once she is done dancing her butt off."

An hour into the night and Ann is still dancing. I haven't laughed so much in a long time and I feel the stress just disappears from my body. I stand up and tell Keegan I'm going to use the restroom just so that someone knows where I am if Ann is looking for me.

Once in the bathroom, I do my business and once I come out of the stall to wash my hands I see Amber standing in front of the mirrors?

"Emelia I'm so sorry for how I treated you. I thought you're dating Keegan."

"Please call me Em. All my friend does. Don't worry about it. I figured you liked Keegan. I don't take it personally." I give her a small smile.

"Thank you, Em. It's just that I've known Keegan since birth. Our mothers were best friends. I just wish he loves me the same way I love him."

"Hey, Amber no worries. I can't promise you that nothing will happen between me and Keegan because I don't know what the future holds. All I can promise as of now that we are just friends. I just met him yesterday but if something does happen I will tell you. I know it will hurt you even more if you hear it from someone other than us."

"You are so nice. I promise you that I won't be a bitch towards you anymore."

Amber and I walk out of the bathroom and I'm glad I made a new friend.

In the next 2hours, we all spend time laughing and getting to know each other. I check my watch to see the time and see that it's already 2 am. Ann and I decided it was time to say our goodbyes. Keegan walks outside with us. Ann climbs in her car and leaves me and Keegan alone to talk.

"I'm so glad I came. Thank you, Kee."

"No problem Em. Can I take you to breakfast tomorrow morning?"

"I would love to Kee. I will text you my address once I am home then you can pick me up at around 7 am."

"Sounds awesome."

I drive home with the biggest smile on my face. Once I arrive home I send Keegan my address and went in search of Ann. I see Ann on her bed and I jumped on her laughing.

"Get off me you fat cow." She said giggling.

"You can be happy that I love you and I'm in a good mood otherwise I will make you pay for that comment."

"Yeah, tonight was awesome. I love your colleagues. They are so fun. Maybe you should ask your boss if there is another opening for me."

"No offense Ann that is a terrible idea. You and me at the same job, and we will both get fired. Anyways that is not the reason I am in a good mood."

"I think your right you and me together we will burn down the place. So why are you in a good mood?"

"O maybe it's just the fact that I have my first date tomorrow morning. Keegan asked me out just after you left."

"Well hot damn. You work fast."

"I know well let's get some sleep. Keegan is picking me up at 7 am."

"Night Em."

"Night Ann."

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