Chapter 14

Emelia Pov

It's been a month since that horrible day. I still get nightmares almost every night. I went to the police the next morning but told me they couldn't do anything about it. I shouldn't have taken a bath because I washed away all the evidence. I feel so stupid. I haven't spoken to Keegan this month. I tried to stay away from him on campus. I also don't work at the restaurant anymore. I went to speak to Uncle Rave about the whole incident and he understood why I couldn't work there anymore.

The last week I have been sick. I have been throwing up continuously. I figured that it's because I haven't eaten too much since the incident. Ann is really worried about me so she made me an appointment at a Doctor. We are currently sit

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Kathleen FAITH
The story is good but it is an ultrasound or sonogram. A sonar is used on ships and submarines. I know some authors first language isn't English so this comment isn't to be rude, it is just to help.

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