10 Billion To Get A Wife!
10 Billion To Get A Wife!
Author: Violet Evergarden


"Honey, run!!" Yu Ran shout from behind Zhi ling when he suddenly saw one man from the group that chasing them take out a gun.


He feels a sharp pain on his shoulder. However, he still needs to run. He uses his right hand to press the wound from his left shoulder while his left hand is carrying his daughter close to his chest. He continues running behind his wife, who is also bringing his son.

Because he lost a lot of blood from the wound, his vision starts to blurring, and he lost his sight of his wife. He ends up at the edge of the cliff. In front of him is a waterfall that is not too deep. He keeps looking at his right and left.

He found a straw basket not far from his standing point, he put his baby in the basket and give her his necklace with an R letter pendant. He then put the headphone that hangs in his neck to cover both of his daughter's ears. He looked at his dear baby with a loving and soft expression, like it's the last time he can see her. He kisses her forehead, then he takes the straw basket and hides it behind a big rock near him.

Luckily, the baby still sleeping and didn't make any sound either.  The group of men in a black suit who chasing him right now doesn't know about the baby he was holding before.

Surrounded by the group, Yu Ran can only stand at the edge of the cliff and clench his fist tightly. If only he had a gun right now, he wouldn't have to face it like this situation right now.

"Mr. Yu Ran, where the hell do you think you can run now, huh?" a man with a scar in his face asks with an angry tone.

"Who hired you?" Yu Ran asks, ignoring his question.

"You just about to be killed, yet you still want to know who hire me to kill your family? You sure are brave enough." That man took a step forward and aimed his gun toward Yu Ran. The other man surrounding him also point their gun to him.

Yu Ran didn't move at all from his position. He's calculating all the risks and actions that he could make to lessen the impact.

"Well, since a dead body can't tell anymore, then I think it's okay for me to tell you who is it, right?" He continues. Yu Ran stared at his face. He is not showing any fear on his face at all, even though he really hopes that his wife didn't show up at the scene right now.

At least if this is the last moment he could see the world, he really hopes she didn't see how miserable his death will be.

"His name is... Rong Yuan."

Bang! Bang!

Two shots released. Yu Ran's body was pushed back because of the impact and fall to the waterfall. A moment later, the group left the scene and started to walk back to the main road.

The man with a scar on his face takes out his phone and dials a number. After a few rings, he speaks with a cold voice.

"He's dead."

While Zhi Ling keeps running in the forest, she heard a loud gunshot sound, and she immediately stops her pace. She turns around, and she notices that her husband was not behind her.

Her body starts trembling. Her eyes begin to wells up. "," She said in a low and hoarse voice.

She starts walking toward the sound, she still holding her son with her. If not because of her son, she might have collapsed from shock. Imagining losing her only man and daughter will make her heartbreak. She can't afford to lose her family. Not again.

Not long after she reaches the riverbank, at the side of the river, she found her husband's body stranded at a block of wood.

Because of great shock, she collapses while holding her son. A moment later, a few villagers found them when they heard the sound of a baby crying.

The villagers usually use the river water to wash their clothes and to bath as well, because they live quite far from the city and a little hidden from the outside world.


A few days later, Yu Ran wakes up from the hospital bed. He looked around and found his beloved wife beside him was still sleeping, and there is a baby cot in that room too. He touches his chest and shoulder, which is full of bandage and sees a faint blood color on it.

He tries to gather piece by piece his memory that he forget that night. Suddenly, Zhi Ling wakes up and looks at him with a sad face.

"Honey...I thought I'd lost you." She starts crying.

"Hey, I won't leave you and our babies alone." He smiles and hugs his wife to try to comfort her.

After he said that, he suddenly remembers. A significant thing that he forgot earlier. His daughter!

"Honey, did you find Rin?" He holds her shoulder and looked at her bloodshot eyes.

She shakes her head and starts crying again.

"No..I tried to find her and hire a large group of rescuer to find her for days, but they didn't find any traces of Rin.." she stops her word before she continues again.

"Ran...I lost her, I've failed as a mother. How should I live? I miss her. What do I do now, Ran?"

Yu Ran didn't have an answer to his wife's question. His eyes also start to redden, his heart ached to see his wife crying. It's all his fault. He left her behind. He let his guard down, and their enemy takes advantage of his family just after Zhi Ling gave birth to the twin.

He caresses her cheek softly. With a raspy voice, he says, "I promise to you, I will bring her back. I still believe she is somewhere safe and sound. Please...don't blame yourself. It was me who should be blamed."

"I believe in you," She replies while still crying and hugs her husband tightly.


"Yin.." an old woman around forties open the door with a straw basket in her hand.

"Mother, did you see my baby?" Hai Yin, around her twenties, went to her mother with a worry expression.

Hai Yun, mother of Hai Yin, just look at her daughter with pitiful. Hai Yin just lost her baby when she was pregnant seven months.

Her husband died because of the accident while she was pregnant, and she lost her baby because of the great shock that day. It's been three months that she was always asking her where her baby, where is her husband, and sometimes she will talk like she was talking to someone in the house.

"Your baby is here, Yin. Come, let's try to give her your breastmilk. She must be hungry." Hai Yun takes her daughter's hand and led her to sit at the edge of the bed. Luckily, her breastmilk still has some left because of the pregnancy before.

Hai Yin looks at the baby with a soft expression. She smiled and said, "She's cute, isn't she?"

Hai Yun just nodded her head. She could see her daughter's expression changes when she saw the baby.

Hai Yin looks at the necklace with the pendant letter of R. She frowned a moment and smiled back, looking at her daughter's face.

"My dear, Hai Rin. I'm your mama now. Let's live together. Papa must be pleased when he sees're so beautiful." She touches her little nose before she starts feeding her new daughter.

Hai Yun's expression changes after she heard what her daughter just said.

"Yin.." before she could finish her sentence, Hai Yun cut her off.

"I know, he already passes away, mother. I'm not crazy yet, and I know he's here somewhere watching over me. I know because he loves me, he'll never leave me. I'll take good care of this child. I'll love her like I love mine."

Hai Yun just nodded before headed out from the bedroom. Her eyes a bit red and watery. She couldn't imagine her only daughter will turn out to be like this. Her love toward her husband drove her to be like that.

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