Enigmatic Resurrection
Enigmatic Resurrection
Author: Ishabella
1)Wounded Wolf Pup.

"Run fast, you sleepyhead." Shouted Anna, from the open window of the Bus.  

The bus departed with strong jerking as soon as HAZEL entered and her angry friends started attacking her with their words. 

"Sorry for being late Anna. Again I missed the alarm. Don't be angry," murmured Hazel.

Ruth annoyingly replied, "We don't even expect your punctuality Hazel. You always do this. But today you have almost missed the bus. It's too much." 

After a long effort, she could able to calm them and their party began. The bus was fully crowded with the students of Final year of Prince William Sound College at Valdez in Alaska. The cacophony of the bus was unbearable as every student was busy in shouting, singing and chit chat gossiping. There Hazel was really a mismatch because she was an extreme introvert girl with her voluptuous posture, dark brown wavy hair, beautifully expressive turquoise eyes, longer lashes and thin lips. Though her divine beauty and flawless fair skin couldn't be avoided by a single boy of her college but her mysterious and reserved attitude saved her from numerous proposal. 

Although she was talkative with her only two friends of universe Anna and Ruth, both 20 years old like Hazel young, beautiful and energetic. 

The bus reached its final destination after long two hours at Boreal forest of Taiga in Northern zone. 

The wild dense forest doubled the young group's energy and excitement started over pouring among them seeing their tracking spot, the dense forest and snow covered mountain facing each other and the chirping of billion birds and sometimes the hoarse scouting of unknown wild animals were creating a mysterious atmosphere alike the spooky movies' scenes. 

Hazel along with her 25 classmates and 5 Prof. reached their tents. It was already evening and they were already tired so they decided to commence their adventure from the next day morning. With the passing time the cacophony started increasing at the camp. Hazel was roaming alone near the tents with a torch absentmindedly as her friends were sleeping in the tents. 

"Come dear, join us. Just one dance please Hazel." Requested Dereck, a tall, handsome and of course daring boy. In spite of being extremely famous among girls, he was mad for Hazel and already got rejected for two times yet a strong optimist. According to him, the bends of her hips and the fullness of her bosom reminiscent of the idea of perfection. 

   "No Dereck. Not in the mood. By the way don't call me Baby." 

"Yups… someone got rejected again." whispered Alec, "Why do you always try to win her? Don't you know she is kind of beyond limits?" 

"Not for me. Life is meaningless if I don't get the chance to touch her." Said Dereck in his low voice. 

"Such a pervert. He has no shame at all. Don't know when he will be tired. His handsome face has become meaningless due to his repulsive personality," murmured Hazel and started walking again towards the forest. 

This side was calm and silent except the monotonous sounds of wild insects as its little far away from their camp. Suddenly Hazel heard a faint growling. She slowly started to walk following the painful cry. Within couple of minutes she noticed a silvery gray wolf with its long bushy tail and golden eyes howling in pain. The front leg of the wolf was covered with fresh blood and it was trapped by a thorny net, maybe spread by the poachers. Though the wolf was healthy and medium in size yet it had no more strength left to fight or attack anyone and there was no chance of its survival from that trap without human or other wolves help. Hazel felt pity seeing its pathetic condition and instantly ran to help. Though she was afraid of its wild nature but its eyes were so humanly and she felt like it was asking for her help. So without any second thought she started to untie the thorny trap, though it was really difficult as it was tangled in a very bad way but her hands were working magically in a smooth way. She was not the only one who heard the growling so as a result of it a small crowd gathered around her along with Ruth, Dereck, Alec, Joey [Dereck's girlfriend], Anna and Prof. Henry. Most of them told Hazel not to untie because it could attack her but of course Hazel was an adamant girl, so their words went in vain. 

"At last done. Ooowww! poor pup, I hope you will be alright" murmured Hazel after a long 10 minutes. She untied the whole trap though it was cost some bloody scratch all over her hands. She started cleaning the front leg with her handkerchief and the wolf pup lied silently without showing any sign of attacking. Almost the whole crowd lost its interest and left her except her friends and Prof. 

"Ruth, can you please bring some water, some fried meats and piece of cloth? Please return quickly." Anxiously asked Hazel. 

"Hazel you are really brave. Don't you scare of it?" asked Prof sweetly. 

"Of course I do. But its eyes were asking my help and I couldn't reject that. This poor wolf pup is indeed cute. Don't you think?" excitedly asked Hazel. 

Prof. replied, "It's not a pup, it's almost full grown and it's quite huge in size. So be careful." 

Ruth came back and Hazel gave the wolf the fried meats. Within few minutes it completed all the meat and water and Hazel tied its wound after completing first aid treatments. The wolf was now in a better condition rather in a proper condition to walk, attack and kill but in spite of those it just came closer to Hazel and laid its head on her lap like a dog and started purring. Hazel patter its head covered with soft gray fur gently then it stood and started walking towards the dense forest. It looked back once again at her with its golden burning eyes from the dark forest. Hazel noticed there were three another pairs of eyes just like waiting for that wounded wolf, all eyes were staring at her gratefully. Then they all vanished in the darkness of the forest and the impenetrate darkness again engulfed the whole surroundings. 

Hazel sighed happily and walked towards her tents.

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