CHAPTER XXIII: Ex-Girlfriend

"Let's go."

Sebastian pulled me away from the house to the white Audi SUV waiting.

I kept my eyes on him as we approached the car, he was neatly groomed with his Armani suits, his hair was also perfectly done while I was just in my dark ripped jeand and a white tank top partnering it up with my flat shoes.

He forced me into the passenger seat and I glared at him as he entered the other side, he did not look my way. 

I bit hard on my lip as more anger bubbled inside of me, I wanted to smash something, destroy something, or if possible kill, and my thoughts were centered on one person, Sebastian Schulz.

I was sitting in the passenger seat with anger written all over my face. And the reason was sitting beside me.

I snapped my head towards him and shot a glare while he returned it with a smirk. Oh how much I want to wipe that stupid smirk off of his face.

"Perverted cow." I muttered under my breath and dugged my nails into my palms,

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