CHAPTER XXIV: He looked like a fish gasping for breath




“Hey.” *poke*



“Stop it.”


“I said stop it!” I almost jumped out of my seat at his sudden outburst.

“I am bored.” I stated, slumping down on my seat and propping both my feet on the coffee table.

“So?” he sarcastically asked.

“Let’s play a game.” I suggested.

“No.” he deadpanned without even looking up from his laptop.

“Why?” I asked while looking at him as he typed furiously typing on his laptop.

“I am busy.” Seriously? He is still busy? When was the time that he is not?

“We are on board and you are still busy?” I whinned throwing my hand in the air and averted my gaze on him towards the couple who was busy flirting with each other.

The ex-girlfriend slash former secretary? I do not know where that bimbo went.

I stood up from my seat and went to the couple who were busy doing their own stuff and sit at the seat opposite them.

“Ahem!” I cleared my throat. They both stopped at what they were doing and turned to look at me, their faces wore a big
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